19 Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas with Big Impact

large woven basket holding folded towels under bathroom sink
Photo: Michael Partenio Productions

Small bathrooms have the potential to pack in plenty of style within limited square footage. By employing design elements and storage solutions in strategic ways, you can create an attractive small bathroom with big impact. Use these small bathroom decor ideas to add polish and function in a tight space.

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Small Bathroom Vanity Ideas

white bathroom with black accents
Brie Williams

Incorporating enough storage is a common struggle when decorating a small bathroom. For a more efficient small-bathroom vanity, look for a unit that includes multiple storage types. This one combines cabinet doors with drawers in two sizes, which makes it easier to sort and organize toiletries. Open shelves above the toilet provide additional small-bathroom storage.

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Small Bathroom Design Tricks

small bathroom multiple mirrors bowl sink
Michael Partenio

Mirrors are fundamental fixtures in a bathroom, whether small or large. In a modest floorplan, you can harness the reflective ability of mirrors to make your small bathroom appear larger. For the spot above the sink, choose a large mirror that covers most of the wall. Consider outfitting drawer and cabinet fronts with mirrored glass for an even more expansive effect.

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Decorate a Small Bathroom with Plants

snake plant next to sink
Emily Followill

Work houseplants into your small bathroom decor to add life. Place small potted plants on the vanity countertop and open shelves, or set a large pot on the floor to brighten up an empty corner. Be sure to choose varieties that will do well in a bath's humid and dim environment, such as pothos or a snake plant.

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Small Bathroom Tile Ideas

large woven basket holding folded towels under bathroom sink
Michael Partenio Productions

Add a row of contrasting or decorative tile to act as a backsplash and add interest to an otherwise unadorned bathroom. This small bathroom decorating idea is also great for budget-friendly remodels since you need only a small amount of tile. If you're willing to splurge a bit more, consider repeating the decorative tile on the floor for a cohesive look.

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Sink Ideas for Small Bathrooms

industrial laundry sink bathroom
Ann VanderWiel Wilde

Help a powder room or small bathroom feel larger with a wall-mount sink. The small bathroom decor idea frees up floor space and gives the room a more open appearance. If you need extra storage, install a shelf above the sink to hold additional toiletries.

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Mixing Patterns in a Small Bathroom

Bathroom with green subway tile
David Tsay

Don't be afraid to mix prints and textures in your small bathroom decor. Glossy green subway tiles, matte-finish cement floor tiles, and a botanical shower curtain make a bold statement in this small bathroom. Stick to a single color when decorating a small bathroom with multiple prints and patterns.

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Textured Bathroom Tile

Artistic tile in bathroom
John Bessler

For a unique small bathroom decor idea, consider tiles with three-dimensional shapes. Go all-out by tiling the entire space, or limit the treatment to the area around the mirror. The distinctive tiles add interesting dimension and a sense of architecture to a small bathroom design.

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Small Bathroom Accent Colors

gray bathroom with white tile
Adam Albright

In a neutral small bathroom, incorporate vibrant accent colors for a livelier look. Introduce color through bright hand towels or with fresh flowers in a simple vase on the vanity. This easy small bathroom decorating idea allows you to quickly mix up the palette without too much expense.

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Color in Small Bathrooms

small bathroom with blue intricate patterned wallpaper
Jay Wilde

White makes a great small bathroom color because it has a bright, expansive effect, but you don't have to limit your scheme to this one neutral. Outfit the space with white wainscoting, then add personality with colorful wallpaper or paint above the wall treatment. Complete the space with a white ceiling paint color and matching trim to maintain the crisp, clean look.

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Small Bathroom Shelving

bathroom shelves
Adam Albright

Mount open shelves in your bathroom to add personality and storage potential. Use this small bathroom decorating idea to display accessories and artwork or stash small toiletries, toilet paper, and cosmetics. If needed, choose shelving that incorporates hooks so you can hang towels and robes below.

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Small Bathroom Lighting

modern graphic bathroom with natural vanity
David Tsay

Some small bathroom decorating ideas can be achieved with just a quick update. Swapping out light fixtures is one fast fix that can add bold personality to your bathroom. Replace dated fixtures with a pendant or sconces that better match your style. Here, oversized antique sconces bring out this small bathroom's vintage personality.

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Furniture in a Small Bathroom

white claw-foot tub tall cabinet with open shelving on top
Ed Gohlich Photography

To make up for a lack of small-bathroom storage, bring in furniture pieces to boost organizational potential. This narrow hutch provides a combination of open and closed storage with shelves on top and a closed cabinet and drawer below. The open areas are great for storing extra towels and frequently used items.

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Small Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Sink with blue design wallpaper and wicker basket
Brie Williams

A powder room is the perfect place to experiment with an unexpected color or wallpaper pattern. For this small bathroom decorating idea, opt for a wallpaper with a large-scale motif that won't appear too busy for the tight space. Be sure to offset a bold bathroom color with plenty of light and white accents.

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Farmhouse-Style Small Bathroom

bathroom with two sinks
Jay Wilde

The combination of unique fixtures in this small bathroom creates farmhouse style with personality. Utilitarian wall sconces and mismatched antique mirrors pair with vintage-style sinks to create a casual, inviting look. The beadboard wall treatment reinforces the timeless effect.

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Small Bathroom Tile Accent Wall

Bathroom with black and white tile and marble sink
Werner Segarra

Add pattern and texture to a neutral bathroom by tiling the wall behind the vanity. In this small bathroom design, a mix of graphic black-and-white tiles covers the wall, creating a dynamic focal point. By limiting the tilework to a small accent wall, it focuses attention and prevents the patterns from overwhelming the space.

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Bright Colors for Small Bathroom

colorful butterfly wallpaper in bathroom
Rachel McGinn

Don't shy away from small bathroom decor ideas that feature plenty of pattern and color. Feel free to choose a daring paint color or a dramatic wallpaper, such as the butterfly pattern in this small bathroom, to add big style. Bold design choices become less intimidating when you're working with a small space.

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Neutral Small Bathroom ideas

white bathroom vanity
Jean Allsopp

If you prefer a light and bright bathroom, decorate a small bathroom with soft neutral colors. Keep the design interesting by layering a variety of textures. Here, sandy stone countertops and circular floor tiles feature mottled textures that add depth and interest to the small bathroom design.

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Small Bathroom Color Scheme

Bathroom with wooden cabinet and subway tile
David A Land

Choose a soothing color scheme of light, bright hues to make a small bathroom feel larger and more relaxing. Bathroom decorations with tones of white, off-white, and tan create a calming feel in this small bath. The Greek key tile pattern on the floor adds interest to the bathroom decor and eliminates the need for a colorful rug.

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Colorful Small Bathroom Decor

Shelving against light green wall
Marty Baldwin

Decorate your bathroom with small pops of color to maintain a pretty palette. Adding colorful towels to wall-hung storage units reinforces this small bathroom color scheme. The blue-and-green space is accented with splashes of coral to keep the room lively and unexpected.

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