Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Small bathroom storage
Small bathrooms present an array of design challenges. Help your small bath feel bigger with these easy design tips and tricks.

Store with Style

Storage has two options: on display or put away. A small bath has very little room for error when it comes to clutter, so making deliberate choices is key. Here, the open vanity stores neatly folded bath towels and soaps in white dishes.

Maximize Natural Light

Maximize the perceived size of a small bath by visually sharing space from the outdoors with the indoors. Here, a large window provides access to beautiful, private views. Two large mirrors hung on opposite walls reflect the outdoor view and help the small bath feel open and airy.

Draw the Eye Upward

Play up the ceiling or add eye-catching details high on the wall to visually heighten a small space. Here, a narrow bathroom benefits from a dramatic tile treatment on the front of the soaking up and all the way to the ceiling, which draws the eye upward. The shower curtain is hung on a track attached to the ceiling, adding to the height of the room, as well.

No Wasted Space

Thoughtful planning can help make the most of a small bath. Study the floor plan carefully and plan storage solutions according to your needs and space constraints. Custom built-in cabinetry is usually the best option for maximizing cabinet space. In this bathroom, a row of cabinetry extends along two walls. Even the corner is well-utilized with a large upper cabinet that maximizes space with a door set on the diagonal.

Add storage and organization to any small bathroom with these smart tricks and ideas to bring order to toiletries, linens, and bath necessities.

Small Bathroom Storage

Storage space is at a premium in small bathrooms. See how to maximize the space you have with a few clever tricks.

Use Reflective Surfaces

Enlarging a small space is part illusion. Lights and mirrors are two key tools that, when used in conjunction with reflective surfaces, can make a small room feel larger. This contemporary bathroom uses light and reflective surfaces -- stainless steel hardware, glass light fixtures, and mirrors -- to create a greater sense of space.

Create a Cozy Feel with Color

Choosing a single color in various shades can create a sense of coziness. Warm beige wall tiles envelop this tiny bathroom like a hug. A richly stained wood vanity and mirror frame add a touch of luxury. The small floor tiles add a splash of contrasting texture that keeps the space looking modern and fresh.

Retain Views

An interrupted view is essential to making a small space feel open and inviting. Here, a glass surround prevents the shower from feeling cramped and dark. The line of sight remains uninterrupted, both from inside and outside the shower.

Install a Pocket Door

When space is a premium, consider a pocket door. Because the floor plan doesn't have to accommodate a swinging door, every inch of floor and wall space can be put to good use. A private toilet area fits nicely in this bathroom, thanks to a space-saving pocket door.

Create Drama

Just because a bathroom is small doesn't mean it needs to be plain. Play with textures and colors for instant impact. This tiny powder room benefits from a neutral color scheme and streamlined storage. The tiled floor, featuring stones of varying sizes and colors, adds unique texture underfoot. A wooden mirror frame is a stunning, nature-inspired focal point above the small vanity.

Use a Large Mirror

Mirrors expand a room by creating the illusion of more space. Here, a large mirror above the vanity reflects the wall opposite, making the bathroom look twice as big. Leaving the mirror frameless also helps the illusion.

Choose Light Surfaces

This bathroom evokes serenity with bright whites and barely-there gray walls. Shimmering mosaic floor tiles add a hint of glamour to the calming space. A glass shower surround keeps the room feeling open.

Show Off Details and Craftsmanship

In a small room, every detail gets noticed, so focus on luxurious features and quality craftsmanship. This stylish vanity is infused with charming details on the vanity doors, and the room's paneling and picture ledge. A marble countertop and shimmering vintage-inspired hardware add a sense of luxury.

Keep It Simple

Simple lines. Basic colors and patterns. Sparse furnishings. These design ideas can make all the difference when trying to visually enlarge a small space. This streamlined bath is a study in stylish contrasts. A neutral color scheme provides a soothing backdrop, while the clean, uninterrupted lines and rich color of the vanity help anchor the space.

Find the Right Size

Sometimes a small footprint dictates design decisions. And scale and proportion are critical factors when working in a small space like this one. A tiny vanity is the perfect (and only) fit in this powder room. A vintage-style faucet and vessel sink ensure the limited counter space stays clutter-free.

Add Little Luxuries

Ultimately, a bathroom needs to be functional. But no matter the size, there's always room for special touches to create character and pleasure. This small bathroom enjoys ample storage, thanks to built-in cabinetry and a recessed wall niche (not shown). Here, a small bench located next to the shower lends convenient stow-away space for soaps and towels as well as a place to take a seat.

Stretch the Storage

If a bathroom's tiny footprint is maxed out, look up. Use a shallow or recessed wall shelf to provide storage without eating up precious floor space. In this small bathroom, an open vanity -- chosen to keep the space light -- required careful storage planning. A ledge along one wall offers display space for decorative items and pretty soaps. Above the ledge, a shelving unit displays hand towels, tiny storage containers, and other bathroom necessities.

Streamlined Style

Make the most of a small room by streamlining: Create long, interrupted lines to elongate the space. This bathroom may be narrow but it's certainly big on style. Part of its appeal comes from the clean lines of the dual console sinks and open vanities. With little countertop area, there's less opportunity to create clutter, so the room is more likely to stay neat and tidy.

Add storage and organization to any small bathroom with these smart tricks and ideas to bring order to toiletries, linens, and bath necessities.

Stand-Alone Storage

Add stand-alone storage in your small bath to aid organization and add a lot of style.

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