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Adding sophistication and style to your bath can begin with the clean, simple elegance of these beautiful sink bowls, which rest on -- or are slightly set into -- the vanity top.

Unique Combination

Simple white vessel sinks are the perfect complement to many surfaces. In this bathroom, a floating piece of salvaged wood creates a unique double vanity.

Frosted Pair

These cool blue glass vessel sinks echo the watery hue of the glass tile on the wall. The lightly frosted finish on each bowl helps minimize water spots. Chrome faucets arch gracefully, adding a sense of fluidity.

Timeless Elegance

A pristine white ceramic vessel sink, perched on a slab marble countertop, creates an airy focal point against a tumbled cut-marble backsplash. A wall-mount faucet in brushed nickel lends understated grace.

History Revisted

The idea of an old-fashioned basin and pitcher comes full circle with this bowl set atop a dresser-style vanity. By not centering the sink, the vanity has more counter space for grooming essentials.

Classic Copper Sink

A bronze wall-mount faucet pairs beautifully with a hand-hammered copper basin. Although this sink matches a hand-hammered copper tub (not shown), you don't need to match your vessel sink to other fixtures in the room. Rather, create a focal point by choosing a fresh and exciting material or shape.

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Found Beauty

With a vessel sink, you can choose a cabinet or a piece furniture that matches the style you love. In this bathroom, a rustic freestanding cabinet -- dressed in its original paint -- adds vintage appeal. When opting for a spread-fit faucet, select a model that raises the handles above the rim of the sink for easy operation.

Farmhouse Flavor

Although vessel sinks are a contemporary trend, they can complement most any style. In this bathroom, matching porcelain sinks rest on an antique table and are teamed with reproduction bridge-style faucets to play up the cottage look.

Shine with Style

Atop a sleek vanity, this pair of stainless-steel vessel sinks sets the tone in the bathroom. The blond wood works perfectly with a mix of metal accents throughout the room.

Bathroom Furniture Ideas

This bathroom vanity combination began with a writing desk and a simple porcelain vessel sink. The wall-mount faucet and handles are installed through the backboard of the desk. Drawers provide storage and serve as pedestals for soap and toiletries.

Sink Relief

With the bright colors and patterns in this bathroom, a white sink provides visual relief. Combined with a simple DIY vanity, a low square vessel sink is unassuming and beautiful.

Circular Style Statement

A single circular vanity is perfect for a small powder room. Bronze finishes and dark flooring help the white vessel sink stand out. With a vessel sink that rises above the countertop, consider the height of the people using the bathroom.

Spa-Like Style

Gentle upward curves on the rim of this vessel sink are reminiscent of a leaf floating on water. Teaming this tranquil bathroom sink with a tall, arched chrome faucet enhances the graceful, spa-like effect.

Contemporary Sheen

For the same reasons a stainless-steel sink is prized for the kitchen -- beautiful shine and cleanliness -- consider one for your bathroom. Sleek stainless-steel sinks are available in several finishes, from a mirrorlike shine to a satiny luster.

Stone Statement

This black and beige granite vessel sink offers the best of both worlds -- great texture and silky polish, with its rustic chiseled sides and a highly polished interior. Paired with a quartz countertop, the sink conveys elegance and permanence.

Customized Solution

A vintage dresser gets an ornate paint treament and a unique vessel sink to create a custom solution in this old-world bathroom. The mix of textures adds interest, while the neutral color palette keeps the combination from overwhelming the small space.

Perfect Fit

A beautiful natural-wood vanity takes center stage, while the simple vessel sink matches the white paneling. The wall-mount faucet breaks up the wall of white and is a beautiful design element in the simple space.

Graceful Combo

Well-chosen fixtures can easily transform a simple powder room into a graceful space. This rectangular sink borrows the concept of an infinity pool, with water cascading over the center into a moatlike perimeter. A simple walnut vanity keeps the focus on the sink and the beautifully tiled wall.

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