When there's only a wee bit of space for washing up, whet your thirst for style that fits with one of these space-saving solutions for a small bathroom sink.

By Jan Soults Walker

Small bathroom sinks aren't your only option when you want to fit a sink bowl into diminutive dimensions. Consider a bar sink as a smaller, attractive alternative to a standard-size bathroom sink. You'll find stylish bar sinks in a variety of materials, colors, and shapes, such as this square version, which hugs close to the countertop edge. The size and shape of this bar sink left room for a second bowl in the master bath vanity top.

Vessel Sink

Vessel sinks, which sit on top of the vanity countertop, rather than in it or below it, are available in small sizes. A vessel sink offers the added benefit of taking up less counter space because the base of the bowl, or vessel, is a smaller diameter than the rim. This hammered bronze bowl serves as a powder room focal point, resting on a metal-topped oak vanity that's perfectly sized for the alcove.

Corner Sink

Cutting corners can be a good thing when you angle a small sink into one corner of the bathroom. In this case, a 21-inch wide washstand fits nicely into the corner of a bath that's only 35 inches wide and a total of 15 square feet of floor space. The round shape means no sharp corners to dodge and allows the bathroom door to swing open. A small drawer and shelf on the vanity provide a spot for guest towels and toiletries.

Less Width

If a traditional cabinet-type vanity best suits your needs, visit home improvement stores and online to find a wide range of sizes, materials, colors, and styles. This dark wood vanity with a granite top packs a lot of character and storage into a small footprint. To fit your small bathroom, you'll find vanities measuring 36 inches wide all the way down to just 15 inches wide.

Pedestal Sink

The small base on a pedestal sink occupies just a few inches of space on the bathroom floor. Keeping flooring visible makes the bath appear more spacious, too. To make up for the lack of countertop and storage, pair your pedestal with a medicine cabinet and nearby shelving.

Wall-Mount Sink

There's beauty in simplicity and this sleek, curvy wall-hung sink offers sculptural beauty and practicality without taking up even an inch of floor space. The design creates a ledge behind the bowl for a bar of soap, your toothbrush, and a few other items. Pair it with a medicine cabinet for more storage. When selecting a wall-mount faucet, be sure the spout extends long enough so water flows into the center of the bowl.

Shallow Cabinet

Selecting a larger vessel bowl doesn't necessarily require a deep vanity cabinet. This silvery bowl, for example, cantilevers out from a shallow cabinet. While standard depth for a vanity is 21 inches, you can find slimmer models at 16-18 inches deep that preserve floor space while offering a bit of storage. This bathroom places two shallow cabinets at right angles for more organizational opportunities in a small space.

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