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See how a bathroom sink enhances the style of the room.

Countertop Vessel Sink

This vessel sink sits on top of a long countertop and helps to visually break up the expanse of white.  A tall faucet is the perfect counterpoint for the sink, adding a modern touch. A wide edge on the back of the sink creates a spot for soap and other small bathroom items.

Flat Vessel Sink

This unique sink has a smooth top with rugged, stone edges that give the piece character. The slight upturn of the vessel’s edges makes it a sculptural element especially when paired with a modern faucet.

Rectangular Vessel Sink

This vessel sink with beautiful lines sits on top of a bathroom counter and adds a certain sculptural quality to the space. Its sharp lines leave the sink feeling contemporary yet classic.

Two-Leg Wall-Mount Sink

This slim sink with curvaceous legs takes up just a small amount of visual space, while adding loads of style. The twisting silver legs add visual detail that complements the rest of the room's intricate details.

Asian-Inspired Vessel Sink

This sculptural bronze sink is truly a head-turner. The bowl has a rough exterior and polished interior which gleams and captures light. A clean-lined faucet has the look of bamboo which brings the bathroom’s Asian theme full circle.

Marble Vessel Sink

This marble sink blends seamlessly into the existing marble countertop for a built-in look. The sink’s sharp lines give the room a more modern feel. On the right-hand side of the sink, there is a convenient spot for toothbrushes and soap to sit.  A sink like this begs to be paired with an ultra-modern faucet.

Traditional Vessel Sinks

This vessel sink has a more traditional look than most. Its rounded lip is soft and not jarring, which creates a tranquil mood. The clean, white porcelain surface makes it versatile and works well with any bathroom color palette.

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Refurbished Wall-Mount Sink

This wall-mount sink adds a vintage-industrial feel that gives the entire space some throwback character. Play up an old sink’s features by adding vintage hardware, or mix up the aesthetic by pairing the sink with a modern faucet and handles. This style of sink works well in a small bathroom where floor space is limited.

Double-Wide Sink

A pair of double-wide sinks have high visual impact in this bright bath. Practical for everyday use, these sinks have a clean, farmhouse look.These trough sinks get a rustic chic edge by setting atop a weathered base for the traditional farm-style effect.

Rustic Stone Vessel Sink

With a porous surface and inexact edges, this rustic vessel sink gives off an organic vibe. The stone sink looks as though it was picked up off the forest floor and therefore pairs wonderfully with other natural elements throughout the room, such as natural stone and untreated wood.

Self-Rimming Mosaic Sink

This sink is made out of small, pearlescent mosaic tiles and has a rim that sits on top of the counter so water doesn't easily splash out. The rim stands a couple inches above the countertop and is made more apparent by two golden edges.

Self-Rimming Stone Sink

This sink is inset into the countertop but also includes a lip so water stays within the bowl. The lip extends about an inch above the counter and is made of the same stone as the rest of the sink, which creates a unified look. Dark bronze fixtures pick up on small flecks within the sink's surface.

Modern Porcelain Vessel Sink

This clean-lined, modern sink uses simplicity to make a statement. With a darker countertop, the white bowl stands out. A geometric faucet and handles pick up on the countertop's chocolate flecks to create cohesion.

Angular Vessel Sink

This angular sink basin has a striking look when paired with classic white marble countertops. A beveled mirror echoes the modern sink's interesting angles and draws the eye in. 

Modern Trough Sink

This custom trough sink is made of gray solid-surfacing that looks like concrete but is much lighter. The length of the sink allows for two separate faucets in this master bathroom.

Built-In Sink

This undermount sink is built into the marble-topped vanity to create a seamless look. A bridge faucet has a vintage look that juxtaposes the clean, sleek lines of the vanity and cabinets below.

Decorated Wall-Mount Sink

Self-adhesive wallpaper tiles make this otherwise plain laundry sink a major focal point. The flexible wallpaper is easy to apply to any size sink. White sink top and accessories keep the bathroom looking crisp. 

Pedestal Sink

A slim pedestal sink with a copper finish is a perfect option for a small powder room. The base of the sink takes up a miniscule amount of space, while the sink overall has a certain sculptural quality.

Stone Vessel Sink

This heavily veined marble sink has a striking look that sets it apart from the rest of the white room. The high sides of the sink ensure water stays within the bowl and helps to break up the countertop. A vintage-style faucet is mounted into the mirror above the sink for a modern yet classic look.

Stainless-Steel Vessel Sink

This ultra-modern sink truly stands out among stunning stone tiles. A contemporary stainless-steel faucet fits in perfectly with the vessel sink. The reflective surface of the sink helps to bring a little extra shine to the bathroom.

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