17 Stylish Ideas for Walk-In Shower Seats

shower with teak bench shower seat
Photo: Michael Partenio

Whether it's a built-in bench or a simple stool, seating can expand a shower's purpose. Seats in walk-in showers keep toiletries at hand, provide a footrest for easier washing or shaving, and supply perches within reach of the water's spray. Take your cue from these stylish seats, which invite bathers to relax and unwind.

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Shower Storage Stool

black white modern bathroom with plants
Adam Albright

In showers that lack built-in storage niches, a simple stool can hold the necessary bath products within reach. Choose a durable material, such as teak, which resists water and mold growth. Tuck the stool into a corner, so it doesn't take up too much standing room.

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Marble Shower Bench

Shower with blue tile accent
Emily Minton-Redfield

Minimize visual clutter with a walk-in shower bench. This marble-tile built-in, handily set beneath a pair of toiletry niches, takes a back seat to vivid blue tiles inset in the adjacent wall. A solid marble seat distinguishes the bench from the tiled backdrop.

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Wood Walk-In Shower Seating

walk in shower subway tile
Werner Straube

Repeating materials in your shower seating ties the bathroom together. This wood stool echoes the finish on the wood-paneled ceiling and vanity shelf. The texture and warmth of the wood stands out against subway-tiled walls and slate floors.

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Practical Shower Seating

shower with teak bench shower seat
Michael Partenio

With only a small corner shelf to hold toiletries, this walk-in shower benefits from the addition of a teak bench. Set near the shower door, the bench conveniently holds sponges and towels. It can also serve as a seat for relaxing in the spray from a wall-mounted showerhead.

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Sleek Walk-In Shower Seat

walk-in shower with circular pattern accent tile
Emily Followill

Fashion an eye-catching seat in your walk-in shower with strategically positioned tiles. Shaped like an ottoman, this bench has slanted sides emphasized with wide vertical tiles and a band of narrower horizontal tiles. A solid slab of stone creates a seamless top.

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Portable Walk-In Shower Stools

Two Person Shower Room with wooden stools
Laurie Black

If you don't want to commit to a permanent seat, move sturdy stools or benches into your shower to serve as convenient catchalls for necessities—as well as seating. Moisture-resistant materials, such as teak, bamboo, plastic, and resin, will endure through years of showers.

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Walk-In Shower Seating Design

glass shower with Grand Hotel logo
Mark Lohman

Think outside the box. This walk-in shower's glass-topped knee wall curves outward to provide space inside for a wide marble-clad bench. The partial wall also provides privacy for anyone seated on the bench and enjoying the water cascading from the showerhead mounted on the opposite wall.

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Shower Window Seat

shower with black beige white accent wall and window seat
Edmund Barr

Add a window seat so you can enjoy natural light, views, and, in this case, comfortable proximity to handheld sprays. This high-style walk-in shower houses a tiled window alcove with a marble-topped seat. The material ties in with black accent tiles that pop on shower walls and floors.

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Two-Person Shower Seat

walk-in two-person shower
Laura Moss

When you're opting for dual showerheads on opposing walls, center your seat on the connecting wall. This teak bench is placed between two windows to hold towels, sponges, and toiletries. Equidistant between the showerheads, the seating and storage area is accessible from both sides.

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Floating Walk-In Shower Seat

walk in shower with marble seat
Werner Straube

Instead of installing a weighty shower bench, opt for a sleek floating seat that doesn't clutter up the interior. This design idea works particularly well for small walk-in showers. Appearing to seamlessly jut out from the rear wall, this thick marble ledge sits beneath a toiletry niche that mirrors the horizontal silhouette of the bench.

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Shower Seating Tile

monochromatic walk-in shower
Werner Straube

Enhance your bathroom's soothing qualities with this stylish bench idea. This walk-in shower exudes calm, thanks to its monochromatic palette, where no contrasting surfaces sound a jarring note. Just one type of tile outfits the entire shower interior and seat, for a restful, spa-like design.

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Walk-In Shower Seat Sizing

marble shower with shelf seat orange loofa
John Granen

Think about how much space you'll need for seating, as well as for sponges, shampoos, and lotions. Seats in walk-in showers should be at least 12 inches deep and 14 inches high. This ledge-like seat, fashioned from the same marble used on the shower walls, provides handy seating without taking up too much visual or physical space.

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Simple Shower-Seat Design

white shower with black marble bench seat
Werner Straube

A built-in shower bench is generally a box protected in a waterproof membrane, backerboard, and tile, or another decorative surface. In this particular shower, the seat occupies the back wall, so bathers benefit from showerheads mounted at either end of the shower. The face of this bench is clad in extra-long subway tiles that highlight the black marble seat and complement patterned floor tiles.

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Tiled Walk-In Shower Bench

shower with frosted glass double doors
John Bessler

Create a fashionable seat that draws the eye into your walk-in shower. The interior here has a striking mix of square and mosaic tiles that repeat down the face of the built-in bench, conveniently situated below a pair of toiletry niches. A solid slab of marble includes an overhang to emphasize the seat.

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Shower Seat Location

shower patterned floor blue tiles
Edward Gohlich

Situate a shower seat across from at least one showerhead, so you can sit and enjoy the spray. This walk-in shower design places a small built-in seat in a corner opposite the main showerhead, next to a handheld spray. Teal tiles meld the custom-fitted seat with the shimmering walls.

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Corner Shower Seat

shower with gray tile and built-in shelves
Beth Singer

Choose a corner in your walk-in shower for a seat. Though its form is tiny, this corner bench provides a good deal of utility in a midsize shower. Adding a white seat to the gray-tiled base helps the bench show up against the gray-tiled walls. The contrasting seat also ties the bench to the mosaic-tile niches and river-rock floor.

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Convenient Walk-In Shower Seat

shower with built-in shower bench
Richard Leo Johnson

When adding a seat to your shower, position it within arm's reach of controls and handheld sprays, so you can manage both systems while seated. In this walk-in shower, operations are positioned on one wall, so they can be accessed easily by lounging bathers. The curved bench design deepens in the corner to supply a more spacious seat.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is the best place to put a bench in the shower?

    That depends on how you plan to use it. If you prefer to have a dry place to sit, place it across the shower away from the shower head. If you want to have access to the shower controls while seated, place it perpendicular to the shower head wall.

  • Are walk-in showers handicap accessible?

    A shower with an entry that's 60 inches wide without a barrier lip is considered handicapped accessible according to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Consider what other needs a disabled person may have when designing a shower, including a grab bar, the ability to reach soaps and shampoos, and a convenient towel bar or hook.

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