Two-Person Shower Rooms

Two Person Shower Room

Find design ideas for large shower areas with multiple showerheads.

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Bold and Beautiful

Two Person Shower Room

This frameless glass shower makes the room feel spacious. With slated ike wood, the platform outside the shower is slip-resistant and withstands constant moisture -- and is the perfect place to dry off.

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Marble Marvel

Two Person Shower Room

Marble walls add elegance to this steam shower. Small niches built into both side walls provide handy storage for bathing necessities. Two matching stools make convenient spots to sit and enjoy.

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Great Heights

Two Person Shower Room

While this shower is spacious, it looks even bigger due to the extremely high ceilings. Three skylights allow natural light to flood the space. Shapely tiles cover the walls, while the curved bench and floor contrast with small square tiles.

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Shower for Two


Marble bench seats allow bathers to enjoy the shower, which also functions as a steam room and a cozy retreat for two. A large window floods the shower with natural light. Built-in niches serve as storage for pampering products. The black-tile borders break up the light tile and add visual interest.

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Easy Tips for a Clean Shower

Keep your shower looking like new with these simple cleaning tips.

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Two Person Shower Room

This spacious bathroom has both the bathtub and shower enclosed in one space. The shower, on the right, has plenty of room for more than one person, and the large soaking tub is on the left. Clean, geometric lines and small green tiles give the bathroom a sophisticated and modern look.

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Sit a Spell

Two Person Shower Room

Small mosaic tiles in neutral hues make the shower shimmer and become a focal point of the room, while the contrasting tile floor looks like white-washed wood. The shower has fully adjustable water jets for a personalized shower every time. A built-in bench offers a seat to relax.

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Grand Scale

Two Person Shower Room

This luxurious frameless shower features two showerheads and various marble tiles. The custom mosaic mural on the shower wall acts as a framed piece of art. The shower also has two separate entrances, perfect for this spacious master bath.

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Room to Breathe

Two Person Shower Rooms

The open concept of this shower creates the feel of a high-end spa. Greek key motifs can be seen in the tile work throughout the bathroom. This two-person shower is outfitted with wall-mount, handheld, and rain-style showerheads.

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Two Person Shower Room

The slate tiles that cover this shower have an earthy aesthetic. No two tiles are alike, which gives the shower a one-of-a-kind look. A built-in bench provides an area to sit or place necessary shower items.

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All in the Details

Two Person Shower Room

Calacatta Gold marble lines the walk-in steam shower outfitted with a rain-style showerhead and hand-held showerhead. Mosaic tiles form a checkerboard pattern on the shower floor. The glass wall gives the shower light and helps the bathroom feel airy and open.

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Dark and Handsome

Two Person Shower Room

A waterfall fixture in the shower produces a spray that feels like drops of rain in this personal oasis. With glass doors on two sides, the walk-through shower provides access between the vanity and tub areas. Dark tile gives this shower a cool, relaxed effect that leaves the bathroom feeling like a tranquil spa.

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