Shower Head Styles

Which type of shower head do you need? Learn about wall-mount, top-mount, handheld, shower panels, and more.

Know Your Shower Head Options

A growing trend in showers points to a combination of showerheads as opposed to a single wall-mount unit. Both types of showerheads adjust to produce a spray that varies from fine to coarse and a water action that ranges from gentle pulsation to vigorous massage.

Showerheads are rated according to flow rate, or the number of gallons of water they spray per minute. Water-consuming showerheads deliver as many as 8 gpm. Low-flow models use only 2.5 gpm while matching the effectiveness of their water-consuming counterparts.

Standard Wall-Mount Showerhead

The most economical option, standard wall-mount showerheads can be adjusted slightly by moving the shower neck. Models that offer varying spray types fit the needs of most users.

Top-Mount Showerhead

A top-mount or ceiling-mount showerhead provides spray from directly overhead. Some top-mount sprays are installed flush to the ceiling, which work well in areas where the ceiling is too low to accommodate a wall-mount head.

Handheld Showerhead

The 3-to-6-foot-long gooseneck hose attached to a handheld showerhead enables you to hold the head and direct the water spray--handy when it comes to washing your hair, rinsing off, or scrubbing the shower enclosure.

Sliding Bar Showerhead

Sliding bar showerheads move up and down on a bar mounted on the wall. Because the height of the spray is easy to adjust, it's a good option when the heights of the people using the shower vary significantly.

Body Spray and Body Mist Shower Sprays

Heads or sprays installed in vertical rows on opposite or adjacent walls create a crisscross water streams between the knee and shoulder levels to soothe you from head to toe.

Body Spa Shower Panels

Spa shower panels are installed against one of more walls of the shower stall and are equipped with water jets arranged vertically from knee to neck level. Similar to a whirlpool tub, the water jets pump out and recirculate water for a powerful massage.

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