Bathtub Picks: Freestanding Traditional Bathtubs

Freestanding tubs add classic style to your bathroom. Check out our favorite traditional bathtubs, with manufacturer information included.

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    Timeless Style

    The continuous rolled rim of this classic tub design has no faucet holes, making it the ideal partner for a wall-mount or floor-mount faucet. Centering the tub under the window only adds to the room's traditional style.

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    Choose Copper

    A textural copper soaking tub adds a rustic touch to any bathroom,and is a perfect counterpoint to a smooth traditional bath. The balance of the tub’s graceful lines, imperfect copper outside, and metal interior give the piece a fascinating juxtaposition.

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    Distinctive Texture

    This breathtaking porcelain tub has a subtle texture to it that immediately draws the eye in. Its graceful curve leaves the piece feeling quite elegant.     

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    Vintage Touch

    Bring vintage charm to your bathroom with a claw-foot tub. These tubs can be plain or ornate and come in a variety of styles and colors. 

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    Get the Cleanest Bathtub

    Discover tricks to clean your bathtub faster and better than ever before.

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    Stand-Out Shape

    BY mixing the squared edges of the tub with a slightly curved base, this bathtub steals attention. The tub is a mix of traditional shapes with modern simplicity, perfect for a traditional bath with an ecclectic spin.

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    Always a Classic

    This traditional soaking tub will make any space feel more glamorous. With its rolled edges and clean, white porcelain surface, this type of tub is sure to stay a classic.

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    Distinctly French

    With a polished-iron exterior, this bathtub is the obvious focal point in the master bathroom. The tub has a French feel to it that was repeated throughout the house and creates a luxurious feel in the bathroom.

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    Personalize with Paint

    This traditional claw-foot tub was personalized with beige and white paint. The detail on the white claw feet now stands out against the beige exterior. The tub also fits into the room's existing neutral color palette.

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