Freestanding Contemporary Bathtub Ideas

Freestanding bathtubs are available in sleek, contemporary styles that can serve as a design focal point in any bathroom. See our favorite picks and get ideas you can incorporate into your own beautiful bathroom.

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    Japanese Influence

    In this bathroom, a Japanese-style soaking tub creates a relaxing haven away from the rest of the home. The 24-inch-deep tub is made of strong, yellow cedar and looks distinctly contemporary with its sharp lines. When filled with hot water, the bathtub gives off a lemony-cedar smell which soothes and relaxes bathers.

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    Elongated Edges

    The elongated side of this egg-shape tub makes it easy to sprawl out and relax. Scrunching your legs isn't necessary here. The tub has a decidedly modern feel while still keeping a classic look as well.

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    Scene of Steel

    This sleek stainless-steel tub is a scene stealer. Whirlpool jets make for an ultra-calming soak in this bold tub. Its reflective surface acts the same as a mirror, making the room feel larger than it is, and it works well with the black and white color palette.

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    Cubist Movement

    This contemporary tub has a striking look with its wenge wood base topped with a classic white tub with clean lines. Even with its sharp edges, the tub manages to be a soothing spot in this bathroom.

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    Handmade Creation

    Made from 4-inch-wide copper strips, this freestanding tub was hand-welded for a completely custom look. The tub measures almost 6 feet by 3 feet, giving bathers plenty of room to soak.

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    Classic Curves

    A curvaceous slipper tub looks elegant yet modern in this all-white bathroom. The lines of the tub give it a sculptural quality and make it an instant focal point among the rest of the room's hard lines.

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    Perfect Fit

    In this dark and moody contemporary bathroom, a simple white tub is the perfect counterpoint. The asymmetrical tub adds another point of interest to the high-contrast space.

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    Round Revolution

    A perfectly round bathtub gives this neutral-tone bathroom a slightly contemporary feel. The circular shape makes the tub feel spacious and inviting, while the square base with carved legs makes the tub sturdy and stable.

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    Geometric and Organic

    This geometric, all-wood tub is a major focal point in this sparsely decorated bathroom. The clean lines and rich color of the wood make it stand out while still maintaining a slightly organic feel.

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    Subtle Shape

    Gentle curves give this bathtub a subtle and refined look. The oval-shape tub is one of the few curved elements in this beautiful and modern bathroom.   

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    Put On Pattern

    This bathtub has been personalized with an adhesive wrap that acts like wallpaper for tubs. The subtle print is enough to be noticed but not overpower the room. The simple bathtub is beautifully transformed and becomes the new focal point of the room.

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    Beautiful in Bronze

    This deep, bronze tub is placed under a corner of windows which allow bathers a constant view while taking a soak. The gentle curving lines of the tub echo the modern light fixture and give a sense of calm to this bathroom.

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    Brushed-Steel Beauty

    A soaking tub made of brushed steel brings an industrial touch to this bathroom. The sharp sides and ample space make it a one-of-a-kind piece.

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    Enjoy the Experience

    The clean lines and high sides of this tub fit in with this modern all-white bathroom. The tall sides make it easy to take a long soak and enjoy the experience.

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    Channeling Zen

    A rectangular soaking tub makes a statement in this Zen-like bathroom. The unstained wood has a natural look that juxtaposes the straight, geometric lines of the tub.

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    Star of the Show

    In a room full of tile and pattern, a simple, freestanding bathtub instantly becomes the star. The soft lines of the tub make it easy on the eyes.

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    Bringing Visual Relief

    In a room where opulence reigns, this minimalist tub works to simplify the entire space and bring visual relief. The tub's striking geometric shape is simple yet catches the eye when paired with an ultra-modern faucet.

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