Footed Bathtub Ideas

Footed Bathtubs
Claw-foot bathtubs are not only great for taking a soak -- they're beautiful design elements, too. Browse these photos to find ideas for a footed bathtub style that fits your home.

Romantic Whites

Footed tubs might have been a way for the Victorian elite to flaunt their indoor plumbing, but the furniture-like look is well suited to today's baths. This classic claw-foot tub feels right at home amongst cottage-style decor and a neutral color scheme.

Double the Detail

Pitched ends amplify a slipper tub's good looks and double its utility. This footed tub's curvy silhouette and gilded feet complement formal bathroom decor, while balancing paneled walls, tiled floors, and stone countertops. Mounting the faucet on the tub's side ensures both ends are available to accommodate an individual's preferred bathing position.

Creative Contrast

If you want your bathtub legs to really stand out, go for contrast, such as light-colored claw feet on a black tub. Or try shiny chrome legs set against a white tub exterior.

Enhanced Purpose

You don't have to pass on showers when opting for a footed tub. Readily available shower units complete with a faucet, showerhead, and curtain framework add function to even the oldest footed tub. These structures allow you to include shower curtains that introduce color, pattern, and draping silhouettes to warm up a room that's primarily furnished with white fixtures.

Classic Charmer

Footed tubs benefit from backdrops that highlight their striking silhouettes. In this beach house bathroom, a pretty wallpapered alcove trimmed in crisp-white woodwork provides an elegant setting for a tub supported by Victorian-style ball-and-claw feet. Although newly made, the tub filler and hand shower sport a vintage feel thanks to porcelain details and cross handles.

Designed for Reclining

Taking its design cue from a slipper's form and comfort, footed slipper tubs boast one heightened, sloped end that supports a bather's back and promotes lounging. The curved shape of slipper tubs enhances elegant bathrooms. This tub's bronze ball-and-claw feet stand out while echoing the tub filler's finish.

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Statement Piece

Designers will tell you that no room is complete without a touch of black. Maximize the hue's impact by incorporating a black footed tub in your bathroom. This freestanding tub sports bronze feet, a white interior, and a fetching form that furthers the bathtub-as-furniture illusion, which enhances the room's collected attitude and heirloom qualities.

Depth Matters

If you love to spend time relaxing in a tub, choose deeper tub options. You'll be able immerse yourself in watery depths that stay warmer longer. Want to boost the pampering factor? Choose a footed tub equipped with an air-jet or whirlpool system that puts water in motion to massage and soothe weary joints. Modern tubs like this work in old-world designs when outfitted with bronze fittings and feet that pick up on the room's earthen materials and colors.

Fetching Form

Lighter in weight than their cast-iron cousins, today's tubs are available in acrylic and fiberglass. This modern marvel features a tub filler and shower spray set on the tub's window-facing side, which allows sun to light the faucet's statuesque shape. Iron ball-and-claw feet anchor the new tub in periods past.

True to Form

When reproductions and brand new just won't do, shop flea markets, online auction sites, and salvage yards for footed tubs with distressed patina. Vintage cast iron tubs introduce a sense of authenticity that harmonizes with styles ranging from country to cottage. Remember: they'll be heavy and hard to move, and their interiors may need reglazing. On the plus side, cast-iron footed tubs retain heat and keep water warmer for much longer than their contemporary counterparts.

Dramatic Flair

Add a little flash to your bathroom with a tub equipped with sparkling feet in a contrasting hue. Antiqued silver gives this tub's iron feet visual weight and mirrors the polished faucet's silver tones. The metallic feet also turn a functional fitting into a refined figure that harmonizes with antique furnishings, marble floors, and a crystal-draped chandelier.

Shapely Black Bathtub

With a sweeping shape, black exterior, and chrome legs, this modern footed tub is a graphic focal point. Keep bathroom surroundings simple to really highlight your footed bathtub.

Progressive Profile

This footed slipper tub takes its design inspiration from a double slipper tub but presents the traditional form in a modern way. Its extra-deep and broad form gives it the look of a capacious bathing basin. Lion-paw legs -- embellished with leaf details -- provide sophisticated support that pops into view against a patterned marble tile floor.

Period Revival

Some of the first footed tubs were strictly utilitarian and put function before form. This vintage tub might stand on unfussy feet, but it introduces plenty of panache thanks to its painted exterior, reglazed interior, and period-perfect fittings, all of which enhance the bath's farmhouse style.

Coordinated Color

A charcoal gray footed tub belongs in modern and transitional bathrooms alike. The warm hue complements concrete, stainless steel, and stone surfaces. Gray also plays well with white-painted and stained wood finishes as well as an array of metals. This tub's metallic fittings take a brassy turn, allowing it to advance as a featured furnishing.

Cottage Beauty

Choose footed tubs to underscore your design vision. Here, a claw-foot tub outfits a bay with spa-like comfort. Its old-fashioned form suits this bath's vintage cottage look.

Echoing Tradition

Ageless in their appeal, footed tubs stand as focal points that play well in styles ranging from classic to contemporary. This tub's shiny silver feet echo the gray veins seen in a traditional marble floor while also linking the colors from the abstract canvas displayed above.

Luxurious Retreat

A fireplace set at a bather's eye level, hot-pink wallpapers and fabrics, and warm wood finishes heat up this gem of a master bathroom. The footed slipper tub's gleaming feet shimmer like diamonds -- an appropriate accent for this glamorous retreat.

Inspiration Piece

Count yourself lucky if one of your bathrooms is equipped with a vintage cast-iron claw foot tub. Time-worn tubs like this one inspire spaces with repurposed flea market furniture and vintage storage pieces. With its thick, painted exterior -- likely applied by generations of homeowners -- this footed tub stays in step with the bathroom's chippy beaded-board walls and worn floors.

Updated Classic

This reproduction claw-foot tub is 18 inches longer than vintage models, making it more comfortable for soaking. Its black legs and white exterior complement the bathroom's monochromatic floor tiles.

Room with a View

An arched alcove supplies an almost-private tub location, strategically set outside the bathroom's main traffic paths. The paneled wainscot and green-tile flooring further define the bathing chamber. Though the tub is set back, bathers are still able to enjoy verdant vistas through French doors that open to a patio and lush plantings.

Chic Niche

Toile wallpaper, posh window shades, and stone tiles set a sophisticated stage for the appealing profile of this footed tub, showcased in an alcove. The wallpaper gives way to tile wainscoting that supplies an easy-to-clean surface protecting walls from splashes.

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