Doorless Showers Like You've Never Seen

Easy Tile Ideas for Your Shower
Doorless showers open bathrooms of all sizes to an endless array of stylish possibilities. With nary a curtain or closeable door, these doorless shower designs expose the latest approaches to wide-open showering stations.

Make It One

Take one small bath and turn it into one hugely relaxing space by eliminating barriers among the shower, tub, and vanity. This bathroom, wrapped in water-resistant stone floors and rock-tile walls, situates the showering station on the wall opposite the streamlined tub. A toiletry niche, a handheld shower spray, and a wood bench make the most of the wall space. A ceiling-suspended rain showerhead enhances spa appeal and directs water away from the room's other fittings. 

Play Every Angle

Think about who will be using the doorless shower when designing a doorless shower's interior. This shower takes advantage of space in a windowed dormer but places the rain showerhead at the alcove's highest point to accommodate bathers of all heights. A handheld spray mounted on the wall near the entry is situated out of overspray's way from a fabric-dressed window that takes center stage on the far wall. Polished rectangular wall tiles reflect natural light and coordinate with contrasting hexagonal floor tiles to boost interest in the monochromatic scheme. 

Draw the Eye

Direct attention to a doorless shower's entryway with a high-impact feature. This focal-point tile treatment grabs attention, sums up the bathroom's palette, and provides a color-apt transition to the white-tiled shower alcove to the left. A marble ledge keeps bathing necessities within reach and provides a spot for resting a foot when shaving legs.

Light It Right

No exterior window in your doorless shower? Take a lighting cue from this period-style bathroom design that employs an interior transom to brighten and ventilate its doorless shower. The shower's raised threshold, low-lying shower pan, and rain-style showerhead allowed creative homeowners to contain overspray within the narrow shower they inset in the wall of a small bathroom.  

Divide and Define

Raise pretty borders that won't block the light. A partial wall and switch-ups in materials turn this doorless shower into a standout feature. Water-hue wall tiles present the vanity cabinet hue in a deeper shade. The shower's floor tiles mirror the bathroom's main flooring but as narrower forms set in an opposing pattern. The partial wall and the rain-style showerhead, which directs water downward, ensure shower spray stays inside the shower. 

Promote Privacy

Create a degree of separation between the doorless shower and other bathroom fixtures. Tempered-glass partitions signify a transition between the vanity and tub area and a commode closet on the left while providing privacy to the doorless walk-in shower on the right. A wide doorway allows easy access to the shower room, which is set apart from the main room by a short step down and a shift in flooring material. 

Streamline Views

Showcase architecturally interesting profiles by leaving showers undressed. No need for a door here. The placement of the showerhead and the high curb keep water from spilling outside the doorless shower's confines. White subway tiles on the shower floors and walls brighten the doorless shower's interior, amplify the sense of space, and enhance the bath's vintage charm. 

Stage a Serene Scene

Opt for a neutral color scheme and repeat materials found in the main bath inside the doorless shower for a seamless look. Using large stone tiles results in fewer grout lines, which in turn keeps the view uncluttered and the mood peaceful. Add a built-in bench on the wall opposite the showerhead so you can kick back and relax in the spray. This doorless shower features a stone bench topped with a comfortably contoured wooden seat constructed from moisture-resistant wood. 

Embrace the Unusual

Think outside the box when planning a doorless shower. Looking beyond the expected resulted in this distinctive doorless shower design packed with pampering fittings and handsome tile treatments. Mosaic tiles create horizontal stripes that contrast with the room's curves while underscoring the wall height. An arched doorway and curved bench mirror the hall-like shower's bowed geometry.

Mix and match tile to create a beautiful shower that won't bust your budget.

Bonus! Easy Tile Ideas for Your Shower

Turn your shower into a stylish focal point with these beautiful tile ideas.

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