Bathroom Shower Design Ideas

Find ideas to create a gorgeous shower area in your bath.

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    Luxury Shower Enclosure

    This walk-in shower offers plenty of room for two, with a pair of rain-style showerheads at opposite ends of the 5x10-foot space. Glass panels keep the look open and airy and allow light from the windows to reach the rest of the bath. Solid-surfacing waterproof frames protect windows from moisture.

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    Etched Glass Shower Panel

    Etched glass can add both function and beauty to a bath. Here, a satin-etched glass panel between the shower and bathtub provides privacy without blocking natural light. A curbless shower entry enhances accessibility and creates a smooth transition between the shower and surrounding bath. Limestone flooring is used throughout the room for an elegant, natural look, but smaller tiles are used in the shower area for better traction.  

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    Shower with Arched Entry

    An arched entryway enhances the old-world appeal of this shower enclosure. Inside the shower, a mix of gold Calacatta marble, French limestone, and white granite tiles offers natural texture and pattern and provides an elegant backdrop for bathing. 

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    Clean Your Shower -- Better! Faster!

    Get tips to get a sparkling shower without a lot of scrubbing!

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    Shower with Wraparound Views

    In this bath, the tub and shower are located within a glass-paneled space with teak decking. Double-pane glass walls are filled with clear layers of a conductive material, so the glass can fog over to provide privacy at the flip of a switch. If the homeowners flip the switch again, they can enjoy the view once more. Inside the shower, two traditional showerheads, a rain-style showerhead and a handheld fixture, add luxury.  

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    Steam Shower Room

    Clear glass walls extend to the ceiling, allowing this bathing space to function as a steam shower. The glass enclosure ensures the bathroom feels open and airy while allowing light from the windows over the tub to reach the shower. Frosty blue glass tile on the walls provides a peaceful, water-inspired color palette. 

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    Curved Shower Bench

    A built-in lounge chair custom-fit for the homeowner’s body combines comfort and elegance in this steam shower. Travertine tile offers a natural backdrop, while a blue-gray mosaic tile border adds pleasing contrast. A rain-style showerhead provides the impression of a soothing rain. 

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    Shower with Limestone Wall

    Add a sophisticated look to your shower with limestone tiles. In this bathroom, the warm and textural limestone complements oil-rubbed bronze fixtures and Italian-inspired scrolled tiles. An arched entry introduces architectural interest and emphasizes the room’s old- world style.

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    Corner Shower

    Corner showers can be a great way to make the most of the space in a small bath. This shower adds vintage charm to a new bathroom, thanks to subway tiles with dark grout lines on the walls and hexagonal mosaic tile on the floor. A partial wall enclosure subtly separates the shower from the adjacent vanity area.  

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    Shower Curtain Statement

    Need ideas for updating your basic builder bath?  Don’t underestimate the power of a stunning shower curtain and new tile. In this bath, mosaic glass tile that extends from floor to ceiling and a large-print shower curtain add bold personality to a small space.  

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    Double Shower Doors

    With doors on both sides, this shower is easily accessed from anywhere in the bath. Marble surfaces, a built-in bench, and a rain-style showerhead provide beauty and luxury. Glass on two sides admits welcome light, while a solid wall near the bathroom's dual vanities affords privacy.  

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    Shower with Partial Walls

    Partial walls around this shower offer a welcome sense of enclosure, while glass panels above the walls ensure the shower feels light and airy. Iridescent glass mosaic tile on the upper walls and onyx slabs on the lower walls provide textural contrast within a soothing color palette. A strip of brown glass tile separates the two wall surfaces and mimics the look of a chair rail. 

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    Well-Defined Shower Floor

    Make a design statement with a shower floor that adds eye-catching color or interesting texture. In this bath, a custom blend of clear glass tile, opaque glass tile, and Carrara marble tile brings shades of white, gray, and blue to the shower floor. The floor’s unique pattern complements the aqua wall tiles and adds lively pattern underfoot. Two showerheads and a corner bench ensure the shower is as practical as it is stylish. 

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    Frameless Shower Enclosure

    Frameless showers showcase tile work and add spaciousness to a bath. They can bring a contemporary edge to the room and make even small baths live large. This frameless enclosure shows off the shower's classic tile treatments: white subway tile on the walls and black-and-white mosaic tile on the floor. 

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    Curved Shower Wall

    An S-shape wall on one side of this shower references the flow of waves and serves as a stunning focal point for the bathroom. Covered in shimmering glass tiles, the wall features a glass panel in the center to admit light into the shower. With a low curb, extra-wide entrance, bench, and handheld showerhead, this stylish shower is easily accessible for everyone. 

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    Shower with Sloped Ceiling

    Positioning the shower under a sloping roofline of a dormer or pitched roof can create a dramatic focal point and make good use of existing space. This spacious shower includes multiple showerheads and a pleasing mix of white, gray, and black tile that remains visible behind glass doors. 

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    Glass Tile Walls

    Glass tile can add subtle shimmer behind the glass doors of a frameless enclosure, transforming a basic shower into a design focal point. Here, narrow bars of neutral glass tile surround both the shower and tub with an iridescent surface that complements the bath’s sand-tone travertine floor. 

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    Seamless Tub/Shower Wall

    A separate shower and bathtub adds luxury, but consider combining these distinct areas into a single wall unit for a seamless look. Here, a spacious shower shares a half-wall with the tub, which eliminates an awkward gap between the two bathing spaces and complements the bath’s clean-lined style. 

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    Skylight Shower

    A skylight over this spacious shower provides abundant light and views of the nearby ocean—so it’s almost like showering outside. Set into the home’s steep roofline, the bottom of the operable skylight is placed at roughly shoulder height to maintain privacy. Floor tiles mimic the sand tones of the beach, while subway tiles on the walls and ceiling reference the teal hue of the ocean. 

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    Accommodating Shower Design

    This shower is simple and elegant and features a 36-inch wide doorway that can accommodate a chair, and for an even more accessible optoin, consider a barrer-free design without a step. Inside 1 ½-inch tiles feature more grout lines than large-scale tiles to provide more traction and help prevent falls. Shower controls are also placed at an easy-to-reach height. 

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    Focal-Point Tile Work

    Mix and match tile in your shower to create a design focal point—especially if you are installing glass doors that will allow the tile to be seen from anywhere in the bath. This shower includes two frames of dark tiles around the showerhead and on the floor, which stand out from the surrounding stone tiles and attract the eye. 

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