Built-in Bathroom Bathtub Ideas

Find ideas for creating a built-in bathtub retreat.

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    Surround Bathtub with Windows

    This built-in tub is flanked on all sides by high windows that provide privacy while allowing sunlight to filter into the room. The paneled tub adds texture and class to the bathroom. The silver faucet in the center enhances the graceful atmosphere. Pairing the white tub with the baby blue painted walls creates a quiet elegance in the room.

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    Marble Encased Bathtub

    Tucked into the dormer and under a window, the marble-encased tub is inviting and elegant. The marbled tub provides a subtle texture to the bath while merging beautifully with the light color scheme. Large windows above the tub allow ample sunlight to bounce around the room.

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    Traditional Built-in Bath Tub

    Shuttered casement windows above the tub, French-vanilla marble, and cream-color beaded-board wainscoting give this whirlpool bath a traditional look. The polished nickel tub filler and hand shower mounted on the marble tub deck impart a luxurious touch. The white color scheme adds a sense of elegance.

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    Oval Bathtub

    This oval-shape tub is the focal point of the bath. Woven window shades allow bathers to control the degree of light and privacy and blend beautifully with the mosaic tile encasing the bathtub. The white inside of the tub contrasts well with the darker tones flanking the outside.

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    Mahogany Bathtub Surround

    Wrapped in mahogany and black granite, this whirlpool tub is nestled in a cozy nook. An expansive window nearby washes the alcove in sunlight. The dark mahogany gives the bath a traditional and classic feel. Black granite surrounds the bather in elegance.

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    White Whirlpool Tub

    This whirlpool tub is bathed in light let in through the lightly shuttered windows. Carrara marble surrounds the tub, enhancing the allure of relaxing in the whirlpool after a long day. White cabinetry and countertops bring continuity to the area, and allow sunlight to dance around the room.

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    Built-in Bathtub Provides Contrast

    This tub is well balanced through the use of light and dark materials. The wood panel surrounding the tub contrasts beautifully with the inviting and creamy inside. Polished brass faucets and a hotel-style towel rack add convenience as well as an aesthetic allure. Large windows tucked above the tub enable sunlight to filter through, adding liveliness to the area.

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    Partial Walls For Bathtub Privacy

    This small, oval-shape tub provides all of the allure of a large whirlpool, but takes up less space. A half-wall between the toilet and tub provides privacy. At the opposite end of the tub, another partial wall is paired with a glass partition to keep water from splashing the tiled floor.

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    Paneled Bathtub Surround

    Recessed paneling and a 1930s-style polished-nickel faucet create a beautiful built-in tub in this bathroom. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow the bather to enjoy a beautiful view while relaxing in the tub. The whirlpool tub provides the perfect place for relaxing after a long day.

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    Spalike Bathtub

    This built-in bathtub makes use of a recessed toe-kick to create the illusion of a floating tub. Sleek lines and a chic, curved tub filler enhance the tranquility of the area. Black slate adds a dark twist to the light tub and wood-paneled walls. The simple and sleek design adds a sense of serenity to the bath.

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    Sunny Built-in Tub

    The oval-shape tub in this bathroom meshes beautifully with the oval sinks found on the vanity. Cherry cabinetry provides a perfect contrast to the creamy tub and light walls. Placed next to the glass-enclosed shower, the tub is the perfect place to relax. Sunlight flowing in through the window bathes the tub in warmth, giving it an inviting glow.

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    Sunken Bathtub

    A low tub in this bathroom makes climbing in and out an easy task. Paneling surrounding the tub matches that found on the cabinetry and walls, bringing continuity to the room. A towel rack directly above the tub adds convenience, while high windows offer both privacy and light. Red accent pieces on the tub and vanity create a personal touch, and can easily be varied when a change is desired.

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    Built-in Tub with Marble Ledge

    This elegant tub is enhanced with an acid-washed marble ledge that can be used for towels or as seating. The handy ledge assists bathers in getting in and out of the tub and provides space to display flowers or personal items. The marble paneling flows from the tub to the walls of the bathroom to bring continuity. Window treatments allow sunlight to filter through, and ensure privacy when desired.

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    Vibrant Tile Adds Personality

    This dual-action tub and shower blends beautifully with the brightly colored bathroom. The white, orange, and red tiles surrounding the tub perfectly match the colors of the walls. A towel rack outside the tub offers convenience. The white shower curtain enables privacy, and fits in well with the creamy tub.

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    Bathtub Faces the Window

    This tub was purposefully placed facing the window so the homeowner could soak and enjoy the view. Intricate moldings, corbels, and hand-rubbed painted finishes give this bath the look of a classic English manor.

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    Rosewood Tub Surround

    This rosewood tub surround is protected from moisture by multiple coats of clear lacquer, a water-resistant finish that allows the dramatic vertical graining to stand out.

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