Bathroom Stone and Tile Ideas

Discover the beauty of stone and tile in the bath.

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    Stone Sink

    Stone adds a natural element to the bath. This homeowner fashioned a sink from a 17th-century French horse trough. The chunky stone pedestals that support the sink are also salvage pieces. The flooring, made of tumbled limestone pavers, adds to the bath's rustic feel.

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    Stone Tile Shower

    The rough, imperfect look of stone tile fits the rustic character of this bath. The stone tile in this shower is installed over a waterproof membrane to withstand moisture.

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    Ceramic Tile Shower

    Tiny Italian ceramic tiles that resemble stones cover the shower wall. The pebble-shape tiles' nature-inspired hues provide the neutral color scheme for the bath.

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    Marble and Glass

    Luminous expanses of marble surround the tub. This high-quality material instantly adds elegance to any bath. Deep-blue glass tile on the wall offers a respite from the white marble while introducing color that is as calming as a day at the spa.

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    Marble Tile

    Wrapped in the beauty of white carrara marble, the room boasts a sophisticated, traditional style. The marble subway-style tiles provide a timeless backdrop for the curvaceous tub and freestanding cabinet.

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    Marble Tile Shower

    The natural, soothing appeal of this bathroom comes from the blue-green tumbled-marble tiles in the shower stall.

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    Mosaic Tile

    Wide bands of mosaic tile on the walls and floor provide textural interest in this sunny bath. Large beige-marble floor tiles balance the vibrant colors of the walls and cabinetry. Mixing colors and styles of tile creates a high-end look.

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    Marble Tile Styles

    Lustrous polished-marble tiles with classic gray veins cover the shower walls. A panel of diamond-set tumbled-marble tiles provides visual variation.

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    Decorative Tiles

    Tiles embossed with an acanthus leaf pattern lend a vintage touch as they border the tub surround. Large white tiles on the floor add to the room's crisp appearance.

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    Tile Mural

    A showstopping mosaic-stone-tile mural is visible through the shower's glass enclosure. It sets off the shower wall like a piece of art framed in black stone. Limestone tiles fill the design, and limestone tops the curved shower seat, which is clad in diamond-shape tiles that match the mosaic.

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    Border Tiles

    A serpentine mosaic spans the wall above the edge of the tub. Border tile can be used as a single accent piece or to complement other tile elements in the bath.

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    Bathroom Shower

    The architecturally beautiful, mosaic-covered column conceals a pipe that the homeowner discovered when she tore down a wall. The large tiles in the shower create a consistent stone look throughout the bath.

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    Add Texture

    Pebble-glass tiles line a storage niche within the shower wall. Varying the tile in the shower adds textural beauty and differentiates the storage area from the rest of the wall.

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    Two Colors of Tile

    Subway tile, white woodwork, and honed marble ensure a refined look. The dark floor tile is repeated on the sides of the tub, and the two colors of marble add depth to the tub surround.

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    Neutral Materials

    Surfaces reflect the quest for calmness and simplicity. Everything -- from the concrete countertop to the tiled floor and walls -- features uniform textures and neutral colors. Bands of mosaic tiles detail the walls and floors, giving the room a subtle pattern punch.

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    Tile Patterns

    This intriguing geometric-pattern tile covers the floor and the back wall in the wet room. Continuing the pattern from the floor up the wall gives the illusion that the room is larger than it really is.

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    Vintage-Pattern Tile

    An old-fashioned tile pattern covers the wall and adds to the classic charm of this traditional bathroom. The striking pattern works well as a backdrop for a white sink and freestanding tub.

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    Colorful Tiles

    Coordinate shower tiles with the wall colors for an integrated look. Mixing in white tiles in the shower niche prevents the room from being overpowered with color.

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    Slate-Tile Shower

    This earthy bath has teak floors and walls clad in cashmere slate. The rough-cut slate ranges from gray-tan to rich ruby-plum, while the tub displays a monochromatic marble.

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    Spa Tile

    The mosaic tile in the shower and elsewhere is a shimmering mix of green, gray, pearl, and white. Extending the mosaic wall tile 8 feet up the wall draws attention to the 10-foot ceiling. The tranquil colors create a spa-like atmosphere.

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    Green Tile

    The wall tile adds modern flair while drawing on the colors of vintage stained glass. Small tile patterns are great options when you want to transition from a large tile pattern to a nontiled surface. Here, a row of mosaic tiles creates a decorative border between the subway tile and the upper wall.

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