Showers have never been more refreshing.

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Over the course of this chaotic year, carving out "me time" has become more important than ever. I try to work in at least one activity each day that's just for me, whether that's stretching out on my yoga mat, lounging on the couch with a good book, or slapping on a face mask. And now, my dedicated self-care time includes showers, too, thanks to a genius showerhead that infuses water with my favorite aromatherapy scents.

The Moen aromatherapy showerhead uses fragrance capsules to distribute essential oils directly through the water flow, turning my morning shower into a spa-like experience. It creates a kind of aromatic mist that, depending on which scent I choose, either helps me relax and unwind or energizes me for the day ahead.

aromatherapy showerhead in teal tiled shower
Credit: Courtesy of Moen

Curated by a master perfumer in France, the spa-inspired fragrances are called Energetic Morning, Sweet Morning, Tropical Day, and Zen Time, and each contains a blend of essential oils, such as lavender, lemongrass, and vanilla. The single-use pods slide into the top of the showerhead and infuse the water with essentials oils for up to 10 minutes. You can adjust the level of diffusion depending on how strong you like the fragrance, and when your shower is over, simply remove the pod and recycle it. Each one offers a refreshing fragrance without leaving behind any oily residue.

The aromatherapy showerhead comes with a four-pack of capsules containing one of each scent. Once you've decided on a favorite, you can purchase extra pods on the Moen website or at Bed Bath & Beyond. My personal favorite is Energetic Morning, which, with its blend of lemon, Scots pine, and citrus, reminds me of a brisk morning hike under a canopy of trees. And if you love all the scents, Moen also sells a multipack with five capsules of each.

On days when I'm not in the mood for an in-shower aromatherapy session, the six-setting showerhead offers a relaxing experience even without a fragrance capsule. The handheld sprayer attaches to the base with a magnetic dock, so I can quickly dock it even with my eyes closed. Plus, the showerhead itself was super easy to install; I simply removed the old fixture and screwed the new one in place. It's available as a single wall-mounted hand shower ($129, The Home Depot) and a dual version that includes an overhead showerhead as well.

Thanks to this luxe showerhead, I no longer have to hit the spa to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. Now it's as simple as selecting my favorite fragrance and stepping into the shower!


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