Shower & Baths

Let us help you find the best shower and tub for your home. Whether you prefer a shower with beautiful tilework visible through modern glass doors or a freestanding, vintage-inspired claw-foot tub where you can soak for hours, we have inspiration for both.

How to Replace a Showerhead

Trade out that drippy shower arm and basic showerhead for a better-looking shower and a more personalized experience. You need only a few minutes to replace a showerhead!
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12 Outdoor Shower Ideas to Steal for Your Yard

Make an outdoor shower a pretty (and practical!) addition to your home—whether you're looking to wash off after a day in the garden or simply want to spend more time in nature. We found a dozen of our favorite designs to inspire your landscape.
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How to Unblock a Shower Drain

When water rises above your ankles as you shower, there's likely a drain clog at play. Here are a few tried-and-true methods for clearing blocked pipes in your shower.
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How to Clean a Shower

Get a clean shower that sparkles. Here's how to clean a shower quickly and easily.
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Bathtub Design Ideas

Find innovative ways to incorporate traditional, contemporary, and vintage bathtubs into your ideal bathroom design.
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Absolutely Stunning Walk-In Showers for Small Baths

Find design inspiration in 18 walk-in showers that beautifully stretch a small bathroom's footprint, increase its functionality, and amplify its good looks.
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More Shower & Baths

31 Breathtaking Walk-In Shower Ideas

Find ideas to create a gorgeous walk-in shower in your bathroom. Whether you're working with a small space or have room to fill, you deserve luxury like this. 
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Doorless Showers Like You've Never Seen

Doorless showers open bathrooms of all sizes to an endless array of stylish possibilities. With nary a curtain or closeable door, these doorless shower designs expose the latest approaches to wide-open showering stations.