16 Smart Ideas to Borrow from This Remodeled Bathroom

This bathroom remodel's storage ideas are clever, creative, and useful.

bathroom sink

This bathroom's remodel ideas pack a punch with style and function. From built-in storage nooks to creative cabinetry, there's plenty of space to make storage and organization a snap.

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Pocket Change


This bathroom is the epitome of style and function, from large cherry cabinets to a sneaky storage niche in the combination shower and tub. A pocket door with a frosted-glass panel has turned the primary bath and adjoining full bath into a perfectly shareable space for homeowners and guests. The door’s glass insert allows privacy and light between the two rooms. A patterned shower curtain (like this Better Homes & Gardens Aquifer Stripes Shower Curtain, $26, Walmart) adds color to the neutral color scheme.

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Tile Style

shower storage

Both the floor and shower area are covered in 12x24-inch ceramic tiles with a striated taupe pattern, while the remaining walls feature neutral paint and tiny mosaic tiles. A shower niche lined with the same mosaic tile is a smart bathroom remodel storage idea that carves out the perfect amount of space for shampoos and body soaps.

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Creative Medicine Cabinet

bathroom cabinet

A reduced-depth wall cabinet serves as a space-saving medicine chest. Its reduced size takes up less room in the small space and was specially made to allow the homeowners to include their own custom glass shelving inserts. In addition, lining the back of the cabinet with patterned wallpaper conveys the homeowners' style.

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Undersink Storage

cabinet storage

To compensate for the small stature of the wall cabinets, the homeowners' bathroom remodel storage ideas include a deeper-than-normal base cabinet on one side of the bath to provide plenty of room for curved multitier storage along the under-sink plumbing. Additional stackable storage bins free up space for everyday items in the larger vanity in the primary bath side of the room.

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Stylish & Functional Vanity


Two wall cabinets and a sturdy kitchen base cabinet serve as a store-it-all vanity on the primary bath side of the bathroom. Cherry cabinets with a chocolate-color glaze boost style while providing plenty of storage for makeup, grooming supplies, and linens. Quartz-surfacing countertops complement the tile on the walls and are sturdy enough to withstand the humidity and spills of a bathroom environment.

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Big Storage, Small Price Tag


Stock cabinets from a home center cost significantly less than custom units. These narrow wall cabinets are perfect for storing small toiletries, bath salts, and washcloths. The homeowners upped the pretty factor of these generic cabinets by covering the back of the unit and door with patterned wallpaper (similar to Better Homes & Gardens Gray Ayana Persian Peel and Stick Wallpaper, $35, Walmart).

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Graceful Glass Shelves

bathroom shelf

Glass shelving adds an understated air of elegance to any cabinetry. For this remodel, the homeowners ordered some cabinets “prepped for glass,” allowing them to insert their own textured glass shelving panels.

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Dandy Drawers


Drawer organizers (like this Better Homes & Gardens Natural Bamboo Drawer Organizer, $22, Walmart) aren’t just handy for the kitchen. Stainless steel containers are perfect for storing heated items such as curling irons and hair straighteners. And a custom drawer organizer such as this provides the ideal spot to store jewelry and hair accessories without the fear of anything getting tangled together.

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Portable Storage Idea

Drawer caddy

A plastic drawer caddy provides the perfect place to store small grooming items such as nail files, foot scrubbers, and polish. Small caddies fit easily into drawers and tight cabinet spaces, and the convenient handle on top makes them easy to transport.

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Organization Made Easy

drawer storage

These drawers work overtime with custom-made organizers. The bottom caddy in this drawer is stationary and keeps grooming items and makeup neat. But the top caddy can roll back, allowing easy access to both the front and back half of the drawer.

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Rolled Up

bathroom drawer

Dark cherry cabinets with sleek metal hardware are both stylish and tremendously functional. Deep cabinet drawers like this one provide an excellent spot for towel storage and prevent the homeowners from having to store them in the primary bedroom. To make the most of space, consider rolling the extra towels (we love this plush Better Homes & Gardens Signature Soft Bath Towel, $10, Walmart).

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Sliding Storage


Generous storage in the primary vanity holds everything from everyday items such as soap and toilet paper to cleaning supplies and a first aid kit. Plus, the roll-out shelf makes it easy for the homeowners to access every item, even ones in the back portion of the shelf.

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Crystal Clear

glass jars

Glass jars create an elegant style statement in any bathroom and create the perfect spot to store soaps and bath salts. If you want to display them prominently on the counter, look for colored items that will complement the color scheme of your bathroom.

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Tilt-Out Drawer Space

tilt out drawer

A clever bathroom storage remodel idea was the large primary vanity constructed using a trio of kitchen cabinets. The sturdy base cabinet features a handy metal-lined tilt-out drawer—a common feature of kitchen cabinets—that holds a toothbrush and other bathroom essentials.

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Hooked on Storage

towel hook

Satin-chrome finishes, such as the ones on these convenient towel hooks, tie together the bathroom's hardware, fixtures, and accessories. Handy wall hangers ensure towels dry quickly—and better yet—don’t end up in a heap on the floor.

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Depths of Storage

bathroom sink

Exposed legs give the cabinet’s base a contemporary flair, while the vessel sink and wall-mount faucet increase the modern appeal. In addition, this deeper-than-normal model provides plenty of under-sink storage designed to work around the plumbing.

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