Instead of ditching your old plate-glass mirror, frame it for a custom look. Get step-by-step instructions to frame your bathroom mirror with casing from the home improvement store.

June 08, 2015
Bathroom Window Treatment

It's simple to create a custom frame for your large (and boring) bathroom mirror. Follow these instructions to give your bathroom a new look for less.

Step 1: Cut Wood to Size

wood glue

Use the miter saw to cut the casing to desired size. Line the cuts with wood glue.

Editor's Tip: The inside-edge measurement of the casing should match the outside dimensions of the mirror. 

Step 2: Clamp Frame Together

diy frame

Clamp the four pieces into the frame shape with the bar clamps. Allow the glue to set for two hours. Then remove the bar clamps.

Step 3: Fill in Gaps

framing a mirror

Use a putty knife to fill any gaps in the joined edges with shrink-free spackling compound. Let dry according to package directions, then sand the entire frame.

Step 4: Prime and Paint

painting trim

Prime the frame. Let dry, then sand again. Then paint the frame with two coats of paint, ensuring even coverage across the entire frame. Let dry.

Editor's Tip: Paint the back side of the casing where it will overlap the mirror. This part will reflect in the mirror. 

Step 5: Attach Frame to Mirror

To attach the frame to the mirror, use mirror caulk or screws. If you use mirror caulk, press the frame into place and use painter's tape to secure until the adhesive can cure. If using screws, fill screw holes with spackling compound, then sand and paint with another coat for a beautiful finish.

Safety Tip: Note where the mirror is under the casing to avoid screwing into the mirror (and shattering it!).

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