How to Bring Spa Vibes to Your Bathroom Without a Total Makeover

Refresh your bathroom in just five minutes with these easy decorating ideas that will boost your bathroom’s style and storage options.

A bathroom makeover doesn't have to be expensive or take weeks to accomplish. Quick and easy updates can elevate this hardworking space in just five minutes. Whether you roll out a new rug, find some cute wicker baskets to store toiletries, or spruce up your vanity with fresh flowers, small changes can make a big impact on your bathroom's style. Give your home a refresh with these simple bathroom makeover tips that require just a few minutes to achieve.

white counter and long mirror above black bathroom cabinets
Jennifer Wetzel

1. Grab a Tray

Don't leave those countertops bare—place a pretty tray off to one side or down the middle if you have a double-sink vanity. Look for a tray that is easy to clean and can stand up to water, soap, toothpaste, and other bathroom mess-makers. Use the tray to collect a few bathroom necessities—cotton swabs, a bar of soap, hand lotions—without overstuffing it.

hanson bathroom with grey cabinets
Jean Allsopp

2. Freshen Up with Flowers

Bathrooms are the perfect spot for a bouquet. Not only do flowers add a fresh and natural element to an often cold, tile-filled room, but they also add a pleasant aroma and a pop of color. Grab whatever flowers are in season, and switch them out once a week. Try to play off your bathroom's color scheme, or if you have a neutral bath, opt for brighter hues. If weekly fresh flowers are out of your budget, pick out a few faux bouquets or houseplants to change with the seasons.

fresh modern master bath freestanding tub black fixtures
Edmund Barr

3. Find a Side Table

If you have a freestanding tub or an empty bathroom corner, add a side table for an unexpected touch that is both beautiful and practical. Top it with reading material, bath oils, and a towel for when you step out from a soak. Look for side tables made from durable materials, like metal or wicker, that can withstand heat and moisture.

bathroom vanity wood white green rug
Brie Williams

4. Add Color with a Rug

Adding a rug is an easy upgrade for a fast bathroom makeover. For a budget-friendly option, try finding a vintage rug or one from a big-box store. In a neutral bathroom, a bright rug can energize the space without having to repaint the walls. For a neutral color palette, try a jute rug for a natural, monochromatic look.

bathroom vanity blue accent decor
Adam Albright

5. Display a Towel Ladder

Blanket ladders usually reside in living rooms or bedrooms. But this decor staple is perfect for a quick and easy bathroom makeover and makes a great spot for your favorite towels. Hang baskets from the ladder to organize small items. Take it a step further by painting your ladder to match the rest of your decor.

bathroom with black and white tile and dark green tub
Edmund Barr

6. Hang Plants

Hanging houseplants in an empty corner makes for a quick bathroom upgrade. Containers come in all sorts of styles and materials, including macrame, metallic, woven, and more. When hanging your plants, try layering them at different heights for a more dramatic look.

bathroom vanity baskets
John Bessler

7. Organize with Baskets

Baskets are a simple and cheap fix to organize your bathroom. You can find affordable wicker baskets at thrift stores and your local big-box stores. Whether they are placed under your bathroom vanity, next to your toilet to hold toilet paper, or on an open shelf, they help organize your bathroom while adding natural texture.

green bathroom with tropical wallpaper
Sarah Dorio

8. Upgrade Your Linens

Add a personal touch to your bathroom with monogrammed towels. Monograms are always in style, and they add a little luxury to any space. For an inexpensive version, pick up some clearance hand towels and stitch on your desired initials. Or less-skilled sewers can take towels to a local embroidery shop. Consider monogramming other aspects of your bathroom, too, like bathrobes or wall art.

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