It's a room often neglected in the design department, yet when guests come to visit, chances are they're going to spend some time alone in your bathroom—left to ponder your lack of style or luxury. Banish bathroom beauty woes with these simple fixes you can make in just a few minutes.

Porthole Window and Mirror

If you have a wall that just needs that extra something, try mounting a floating shelf. Shelves are the perfect palette for layering art, treasures from travels, or apothecary jars filled with cotton swabs and soaps. It's a simple change that has a big impact. Plus, floating shelves are simple to DIY and can be customized to fit your bathroom's style.

Tray Talk

bathroom tray

Don't leave those countertops bare—place a pretty tray off to one side or down the middle if you have a double-sink vanity. It will give you a collected, organized design element. Look for trays that are stylish but also sturdy. You want a piece that is easy to clean and can hold its own against water, candle wax, lotion, and other bathroom mess-makers.

Get Fresh

Smart Style

The bathroom is the perfect spot for a bouquet. Not only will flowers add a fresh and natural element to an often cold, tile-filled room, but they'll add a pleasant aroma and a pop of color. Get whatever flowers are in season, and switch them out once a week. Try to play off your bathroom's color scheme as much as possible, and if you have a neutral bath, opt for brighter hues. If weekly fresh flowers are out of your budget, pick out a few faux bouquets or houseplants to change with the seasons.

Practical Accent

white clawfoot tub

If you have a big tub or an empty corner, a side table is an unexpected touch that is both beautiful and practical. You can top it with a photo, a figurine, or a towel for when you step out from a soak. Look for tables made from durable materials, like metal or wicker. You'll want a piece of furniture that can withstand moisture and is easy to clean.

Custom Touches

green bathroom

Add a personal touch to your bathroom with monogrammed towels. Monograms are always in style, and they add a little luxury to any space. For an inexpensive version, pick up some clearance hand towels and stitch on your desired initials. Or less-skilled sewers can take towels to a local embroidery shop. Consider monogramming other aspects of your bathroom, too, like bath robes or wall art.


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