Beautiful Bath Trends to Try

Smarter, better, bolder -- these top bath trends are at the forefront of innovation. Whether you're looking for a style step-up or total overhaul, each idea is sure to inspire.

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    Reclaimed Materials

    Old is new again as homeowners continue to desire recycled materials. To get the look, incorporate reclaimed-timber accents into vanities, flooring, ceilings, or walls; or opt for recycled-glass countertops for a bathroom style that's sustainable.

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    Freestanding Tubs

    Whether sleek and sculptural or clean and traditional, freestanding bathtubs hearken back to an era of classic claw-foot soaking tubs. Now more accessible than ever, tubs made of modern materials offer timeless appeal and a luxurious, spa-like bathing experience.

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    Minimalist Design

    When it comes to trending bathroom designs, less is more. The move toward simplicity emphasizes clean lines and uornamented furnishings, replacing the fussy moldings and materials of the past.

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    Open Showers

    The appeal of walk-in showers has expanded as bathroom design innovations become more accessible. Curbless showers are now possible thanks to linear drain systems. Rather than the typical four center drains, new systems require the floor to slope in just one direction. Frameless glass enclosures have also experienced a rise in popularity.

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    Easy Tile Ideas for Your Shower

    Mix and match tile to create a beautiful shower that won't bust your budget.

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    Furniturelike Vanities

    One of the easiest ways to open up a bathroom is to abandon clunky cabinetry that extends to the floor. Freestanding vanities with legs act as a faux dressing table and make a bath feel light and airy while showcasing the floor beneath.

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    LED Lighting

    As incandescent lighting phases out, LED lighting finally has a chance to shine. Incredibly efficient, the exciting alternative adds a luxurious layer to your bathroom's lighting. This lighting can be dimmed to create a mood, controlled with your phone, and fashioned into pendants, recessed lighting, and undervanity lights. 

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    Large Tile

    Forget matching tile size to the dimension of your bathroom; oversize flooring and wall tiles work in spaces small and large. Minimize grout lines to make long porcelain plank tiles appear like solid stone flooring.

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    Mediterranean Influence

    Moroccan accents and curvaceous elements bring Mediterranean style into the modern age. Pair a curvy mirror, bathtub, or faucet with clean, straight lines for contemporary contrast. Arabesque or hand-painted tile gives a pretty nod to the style.

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    Quartz Countertops

    Move aside, marble. Quartz-surfacing offers the pretty polish of high-end stone without the tiresome upkeep. The nearly indestructible countertop material maintains the natural characteristics favored in granite without having to be sealed.

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    Go for Gray

    White is nice, but gray is gorgeous. The moody hue has quickly become the new neutral, and it looks equally ravishing on cabinetry, flooring, and wall treatments. Prevent the color from feeling cold with splashy metallic accessories, pops of crisp white, and warm, rustic accents.

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    Our Favorite Bathroom Paint Colors

    Get inspired to try a new hue with our best bathroom paint colors!

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    Tech-Savvy Touches

    There are few areas of the home left untouched by technology. In bathrooms, high tech and high style converge in touchless toilets and faucets that activate with the wave of a hand. Even showers get a digital upgrade with digital interfaces that control music, steam, and more for a spa-like experience.

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    Floors with Flair

    When tile treatments aren't an option for bathroom walls or showers, look to the surface beneath your feet. Statement flooring works in spaces small and large and adds an extra element of elegance that is often overlooked. Try an oversize tile or pretty pattern to perk up a neutral bathroom.

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    Polished-Silver Finishes

    Nickel and chrome continue to reign supreme in the world of bathroom finishes. The shining silvers offer timeless appeal and pop in contemporary and cottage bathrooms alike.

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    Safety First

    As Americans age, curbless showers with grab bars and seats have become bathroom necessities. Handheld showerheads and nonslide floors further ensure safety. But don't write them off as style burdens; new models fit flawlessly into modern bathroom designs.

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