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Control moisture levels in your bathroom with the right exhaust fan.Control moisture levels in your bathroom with the right exhaust fan.

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I've thought about installing an exhaust fan in my upstairs bathroom. How is one installed and would I want to call a pro? What are the advantages of having an exhaust fan?

An exhaust fan is a very good idea -- and in many areas is required by code. A few things to consider are size, style, and noise. Fans are sized according to how much air they move and need to be matched to the square footage of the room. They are available with options such as lights, night-lights, and humidity sensors to turn the fan on and off automatically if they detect humidity. They also have noise ratings, and quieter is always better.

Placement of the fan is important. It should be located near the tub/shower and toilet. A timer switch is also a great idea.

The fan will need to be ducted to the outside of the building, typically through the roof. An insulated duct should be used.

If you are not comfortable working on the roof or don't have the skills required to do the electrical work, I would strongly recommend hiring a professional. If the work is not done carefully and correctly, you might make the situation worse.

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Jay Statz, Certified Remodeler, NARI

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