Dramatic Bathroom Architecture

Handsome moldings, lofty ceilings, deep arches, striking structures, remarkable materials, and period details take starring roles in luxurious bathroom designs with distinctive architecture.

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    Reaching to the Sky

    Barrel-vault ceilings heighten interest (especially when accented with pretty wallpaper and curved trim), make rooms feel larger, and create taller end walls. In this bathroom, a single window installed above tidily aligned casements makes good use of the extra wall space and ushers in more natural light.  

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    A Room with a View

    Designed to put the focus on watery panoramas, this long and narrow bathroom draws the eye outside with a strategically placed pair of arched doors. Moorish ceiling arches also direct attention to the views, while subtly dividing the large space into cozier getting-ready zones for bathing and primping. 

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    Majestic Molding

    Deep door casings wrapped with substantial crown moldings preview the opulently layered woodwork that embellishes the bathing chamber's upper reaches. The archway perfectly frames a trio of windows (with the center window repeating the door's shape) and a statuesque soaking tub.

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    Artfully Assembled

    Thoughtfully arranged opalescent mosaic tiles inset in a sea of honed marble tiles fashion an area-rug illusion that defines the bathing area. Slightly larger tiles distinguish the shower. Across the room, a custom-designed vanity, a counter-set display cabinet, and a cushioned window seat contribute furnished-room contours and comforts to the good-looking mix. 

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    Luxe Bath Designs

    Architecture and luxurious design details set these dramatic baths apart. Watch and see what makes them so amazing.

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    Perfectly Partitioned

    Raising a half wall in the bath's center gives some privacy to the contemporary tub, conceals plumbing pipes, and acts as a display shelf. The sculptural divider, which mimics other curved surfaces in the bath, stands out because of its striking silhouette, mosaic-tile finish, and architectural fittings.

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    Designed for Drama

    Architectural details provide beauty at every level in this dramatic master bathroom. Paneled columns accented with decorative medallions, cased arches, and dramatically high ceilings decorated with painted insets defined by molding emphasize this room's low-to-high planes. Transoms, windows, and French doors bring in loads of natural light, which cheerfully counterweighs the room's darker tones and serious refinements. 

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    Streamlined Sensation

    Horizontally set mosaic tiles and sleekly lined floating vanities stylishly enhance the perception of space in this breezily modern bathroom design. Stepping the inner doorway back from the shower created space for a dressing table.

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    Melodious Materials

    One part cottage, one part classic, and one part lavish, this bathroom's architecture combines board-clad walls, a paneled tub surround, and marble columns for distinguished character. Shapely moldings defining a domed ceiling above the tub further the room's graceful air.  

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    Shine On

    An arched alcove moves to center stage, thanks to Venetian plastered walls, a shimmering tiled wainscot, and a metallic-finished soaking tub. Carved corbels capping the wainscot underscore the room's old-world leanings and support a semi-circle trim piece that highlights the window's shape. 

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    Tonal Architecture

    Variations in shapes and finishes allow each element to shine. Light-hue walls and stone-tiled niches and doorways put the spotlight on the paneled tub, the simply profiled storage shelves and the board-clad vaulted ceiling. Go to the next slide to see the equally dramatic dual vanities.

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    Warming Trend

    Fireplaces are a welcome addition in any bathroom. Doubly welcome are two-sided fireplaces, such as this gas-powered hearth, that can be enjoyed from both bedroom and bathroom. The fireplace surround presents the limestone used on the countertops and floors in a larger format. The wood vanities and mirrors echo the finish on the vaulted ceiling, promoting cohesion in the voluminous room.

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    Nautical Nuances

    Casement windows and a porthole window introduce seafaring-inspired architecture in a master bathroom that takes its cue from shipshape spaces. These homeowners maximized their bath's square footprint by opting for a center island that houses dual vanities (handily separated by creatively placed mirrors) and plentiful storage. The placement of the center vanity left room for fitting a dressing table along one wall and creating a small sitting area in a an opposite corner. 

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    Space Planning

    Thanks to attentive planning, an exterior wall does more than just house windows and bathtub. It steps out via bookcases and window seats to supply a foundation that allows the tub to extend into the room's center, which in turn lets bathers take in treetop views through the wall of glass windows and doors.   

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    Charming Corner

    Built-up crown moldings and a beveled-glass window framed in fluted trim supply age-old profiles and architectural interest. Vintage-style subway tiles rendered in a glossy finish enhance the room's timeless appeal. 

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    Show-Stopping Architecture

    Plastered archways, stone-tiled columns, and arched vanity niches fashion a palatial bathroom that culminates in a beautifully designed bathing area. Vertically set stone subway tiles differentiate the nook from the main bath and spotlight the distinctive stone bathtub.  

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    Top-Notch Design

    Combining fetching forms and bounteous function, this bathroom provides contemporary style rendered in calming tones. A stepped-up platform places the tub at window height; the built-in unit provides privacy while supplying space for plumbing pipes, towel-storage, and a cushy seat.

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