Bathroom Design Details You Can't Ignore

Bath Details
These bathrooms prove that its all in the details and pull out all the design stops to create beauty in a highly function-driven space.


Granted, a bathroom doesn't have as many opportunities for incorporating fabric as say, a living room. Which is why you should jump at the chance to use fabric where you can. Gorgeous window treatments will take a bathroom to the next level. If you're looking to make the fabric upgrade on a dime, do it with a shower curtain. (You'll find plenty of show-stopping options without any sticker shock.)

Detailed Cabinetry

Advance your vanity beyond basic with a little extra design oomph. Think gorgeous hardware, an eye-catching color, or architectural overlays. Pick a vanity that keys off your bathroom's design aesthetic for a unified look, or branch out into something that juxtaposes the vibe of your bath, for an eclectic look. 

These show-stopping bathroom designs offer remodeling tips and decorating ideas for any budget. If you're renovating a bathroom, see how to take high-end inspiration and turn it into real-life solutions.

What Makes a Bath Beautiful?

Watch and find out what makes these luxe bathrooms stand out from the rest.

Stunning Shower Tile

With nearly infinite color, material and designs available, customizing a shower with tile has never been easier. Save some money by fabricating most of the shower in a simple, affordable tile, but pull out all the stops with an accent tile. Apply your accent tile to the back wall of the shower or in a single border that wraps around the shower walls.

Sculptural Faucet

Even the simplest of vanities and sinks can be elevated with a beautiful faucet, whether you love the intricate, vintage look of a bridge style faucet, or the sleek, contemporary lines of a streamlined model. 

Clever Storage

Storage is a bathroom essential and when you can find ways to incorporate more of it, you'll fall in love with your bathroom over and over again. Here, a built-in bench in a small alcove adds extra storage, without obstructing the natural light the windows offer. 

Handsome Function

Another place to squeeze in more storage? On the counter of a double vanity. If you find all that extra counterspace is going to waste, but you could really use more storage, consider a countertop cabinet positioned between the sinks. Compromise with a cabinet that's shallower than the countertop depth, which still leaves some counterspace.

Intricate Flooring

Don't let your floors be a blank slate -- a gorgeous tile pattern adds interest underfoot. Bonus points if the floors have an artistic mix of tones, colors and tile shapes.

Bowled Over

Take your sink into unexpected territory with a bowl that contrasts the surrounding countertop. Here, a hammered nickel sink contrasts the surrounding sleek honed Carrara marble countertop. 

Sculptural Sink

Taking the sink above the countertop and you'll take your bathroom's style up a notch. Vessel sinks come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials, and add a sculptural element to a bathroom's design.

Mirror, Mirror

Round, oval, and even scalloped -- mirrors come in a variety of shapes, so you don't have to settle for a boring rectangle. Here, Venetian-style mirrors add elegance to a cottage-style bathroom.

Get on Your Feet

Claw-foot bathtubs are a gorgeous addition in their own right, but beautifully appointed feet are the icing on the cake. A handsome tub filler also elevates a freestanding bathtub.

Wow Walls

A bold wall color is a good choice, but a unique wallpaper is a next-level design choice. Keeping the rest of the elements simple and tailored results in a look that's impactful, but not garish.

Tile Mix

"The more, the merrier" applies to tile in a bathroom. Using two or more types of tile creates visual contrast. Use tiles in different scales, materials or shapes, but include a unifying element, such as color, that will help the tiles harmonize.

All Lit Up

With all the sconces, pendants and fixtures out there, settling for basic lighting is a missed opportunity for some serious style. Because good lighting is so essential in a bathroom, it's important to not sacrifice functionality. Even though a bathroom is small, be sure to include ambient light (overall, indirect lighting that illuminates broadly), as well as task lighting (illuminates work areas, such as around the vanity). Use accent lighting (track lights and adjustable recessed lights) to highlight architecture or other elements in the room.

Shower Amenities

Details matter in a shower. A built-in seat, spa-like showerheads, and even pebble tile on the floor take the shower from a purely functional feature to an all-out experience.

Band Together

Backsplashes aren't just for kitchens. Add a band of tile behind your faucet for an extra dose of interest. If the rest of your walls are tiled, use a contrasting material in this spot so the feature stands out.

Pull You In

Unique hardware adds extra polish to cabinetry and vanities. And it's a detail you can update without a full-on bathroom remodel. Often, you can easily replace standard, existing hardware with knobs or pulls more tailored to your tastes.

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