Artistic Focal Point Sinks

Go all out in a master bath or powder room by choosing a gorgeous artistic sink as the room's focal point.

Kohler Vessels Spun Glass

Guest will be wowed by this aqua sink from Kohler. (Kohler Vessels Spun Glass 10994)

Tera Acqua Fuera Honey Onyx

Here's a sink that's pure luxury in carved honey onyx. (From Tera Acqua Fuera Honey Onyx)

Kohler Cast Iron

A vision in pink, this undermount sink gently slopes toward a center drain. (Kohler Cast Iron Tones Lava 45089)

Peach Coppa

Vitraform has made their eye-catching clear sink basin in a new color -- Peach Coppa. (Vitraform Peach Coppa)

Purely Practical

Minimal but practical, Decolav's crystal clear bowl sink is mounted on a stainless steel column that includes a built-in towel bar under the functional counter surface. (Decolav 063301)

Art for Your Bath

Go all out for blue and white with this pretty sink from Kohler. (Kohler Tak Wing Caxton 23292)

Cool Bronze Basin

Metal is a cool, contemporary look for a bath. Try this bronze sink from Porcher to underscore an Asian or urban bath theme. (Porcher Liberum Bronze Basin)

Onyx Sink

Imported from northern Africa, beautiful tumbled onyx covers a sink in style. The translucent quality of the onyx in either round or oval vessels makes these sinks a distinctive showpiece in any bathroom. (Linkasink's suggested retail price about $1,100.)

Fish Drain Cover

Kick up the interest in a bath by installing one of Linkasink's decorative drain covers. Designs include miniature metal and stone sculptured drain covers as well as covers made from materials like shell, semi-precious stones, pearls, glass, and cloisonne. The drains are completely functional while providing an element of whimsy. (Linkasink's suggested retail prices about $100 to $150.)

Copper Oval Sink

Individually handmade, every copper sink has its own variations and personality that will continue to acquire a patina with age. Care of the copper sinks is simple, requiring only a soap-and-water rinsing from time to time. Unlike traditional metal sinks, hammered copper sinks do not show water spots. (Linkasink's suggested retail prices from $500 to $800, depending on size and finish.)

Copper Round

So textural looking you almost want to touch it to feel the coolness of the material, this copper vessel sink could easily fit into a modern or a vintage-style bath. (TeraAcq Zaca Oval Smooth Copper)

A Square Round

Neo Metro is known for sleek, almost commercial bath designs. This square stainless-steel sink is a new take on the usual vessel. (NeoMetro TAZON Vessel Sink)

Mother of Pearl Sink

Mother of pearl, imported from China, is the smooth lustrous lining in shells -- extremely hard and durable. Unlike stone, mother of pearl will not stain -- making it a perfect for applications with sinks. Clean using any mild cleanser. (Linkasink's suggested retail prices $1,000 to $1,600.)

Celadon Porcelain Sink

This porcelain sink was hand-thrown by artisans in China and is available in a variety of glazes including white, celadon, and a bronze glaze. The sink is 6 inches high and approximately 17 inches in diameter. (Linkasink's suggested retail price around $1,000.)

Cloisonne with Leaves

To create the vibrant and intricate cloisonne designs, wire and powdered glass are fused to a copper bowl. First, individual ribbons of copper wire are soldered to a copper bowl. The voids between the wires are then packed with powdered glass and then fired to fuse the glass to the metal.

Leaf Drain Cover

This leaf drain cover is an artistic touch in a sink. Each drain consists of two parts. The mechanism, which can be installed on any sink, functions as a compression pop-up. The decorative sculpture attaches to the mechanism. (Linkasink's suggested retail price about $100.)

Out of Africa

Give a powder room a touch of the exotic with this animal-print countertop, in a look that's straight from the deserts of Africa. (Kohler Zanzibar Lava 44264)

Peach Confetti

Sprinkles of confetti rain down on this pretty amber-toned vessel sink from Vitraform. (Vitraform Peach Confetti)

Swarovski Crystal Sink in Pink

Here's a unique porcelain sink that's encrusted with Swarovski crystals. Available in two finish options (white and bronze), the crystals come in a number of colors including pink, black, blue, turquoise, and a prism of colors called aurora borealis. (Linkasink's suggested retail price about $2,400.)

Mosaic Swirl

Metal bowls from Mexico have mosaic designs that are applied by hand by artisans in Arizona. These sinks are available in vessel-mounted styles and a semi-recessed sink. Specially formulated grout is guaranteed not to stain, chip, or mildew. The sinks are easy to clean and water spots are invisible. (Linkasink's suggested retail price around $1,500.)

On a Pedestal

Here's a new take on a vessel sink. This one sits high above the countertop on a small pedestal. Even the drain in this sink is unusual. (Kohler Kamala 491800)

Ming Dynasty Sink

Handcrafted in China, Linkasink's Ming Dynasty sink features a design and shape inspired by ancient patterns. The blue-and-white patterned porcelain features flowers as well as unusual serpent and bird figures. A uniquely carved rim reminiscent of China's Great Wall and a scalloped base add to the charm of this vessel sink. (Linkasink's suggested retail price about $1,100.)

Cloisonne Dragon

The art of cloisonne was perfected by the Chinese, but can be found in use with the ancient Egyptians. This functional piece of art requires no special care and can be a vessel or undermount installation. (Linkasink's suggested retail prices $1,700 to $2,000.)

Pearl Drain Cover

Give your sinks a touch of class with a pearl drain cover. Press on the cover and the mechanism opens and closes the drain. The piece removes for easy cleaning. (Linkasink's suggested retail price around $130.)

Floral Fantasy

Sweet flowers fill the inside of this undermount sink from Kohler. (Kohler Mille Fleurs 46068)

Copper Striped

Heavy-gauge copper sinks are also available in a satin nickel or polished nickel finish. These nickel-plated sinks have the appearance of sterling silver but require almost no maintenance. (Linkasink's suggested retail price ranges from $750 to $1,100, depending on size and finish.)

Cloisonne Blue Sink

The cloisonne process is repeated several times to accomplish interesting variations of color. Then each sink is ground and polished smooth to create a resilient surface as hard as porcelain that requires no special care. (Linkasink's suggested retail price $1,700 to $2,000.)

Pyramid Basin

Feature a fabulous wall-mounted faucet when you install this shaped basin from Porcher. (Porcher Geometrique Pyramid Basin)

Bronze Bowl

Uniquely shaped, this bronze bowl sink is imported from India. They are sand-cast to create a product that is both authentic and rustic in appearance. The bronze bowls are available with or without handles and in finishes such as antique brass, satin nickel, and pewter. (Linkasink's suggested retail price about $1,450.)

Clearly There

What a statement this square sink makes! Outfit the bath with a sleek contemporary faucet and silver metallic tiles. (Porcher Geometrique Square Basin)

Square Copper Sink

Linkasink is known for creating some of the world's most interesting sinks from an array of materials. Each handmade copper sink is hammered into a work of art. The hammered heavy-gauge copper sinks are available in finishes such as weathered copper, dark bronze, satin nickel, polished nickel, and gold plate. (Linkasink's suggested retail price ranges from $1,100 to $1,400.)

Copper Bucket Sink

This whimsical sink is crafted to resemble a bucket -- including authentic details such as a movable handle. Made in Mexico and hand-finished in Arizona, this sink is designed for mounting above the counter and is available in a variety of finishes -- weathered copper, dark bronze, satin nickel, polished nickel, and gold plate. (Linkasink's suggested retail price $900 to $1,200.)

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