Bathroom Design Ideas: Add a Television

Put a TV in the bath so you can catch the news headlines you need in the morning, or watch a favorite movie while you soak in a bubble bath for the ultimate relaxing experience.

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    Make It Easy to See the TV

    See-through glass shower walls are great for catching up on the morning news while you get ready for your day. Install your wall-mount TV where you can see it from the shower, tub, or vanity.

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    Built-In TV

    A built-in cabinet for the TV puts it in the wall and out of the way for a clean, finished look. The clean look is suited to the modern bath to keep counters from looking cluttered.

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    Out-of-the-Way TV

    A TV doesn't need to be the focal point of the bath. Mount it high in the corner so you can see it, but it doesn't distract from the beauty of the bath.

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    Shelf the TV

    Putting the TV on a shelf leaves you open to change. Move it where you want without removing a mounting unit from the wall.

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    TV Cabinet

    An open cabinet for the TV is available in your bath cabinetry just like it is in the living room. Design your space to accommodate the TV storage you like.

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    Wall-Mount TV that Swivels

    Get the right viewing angle by using an adjustable mounting bracket. See the TV from wherever you are.

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    Corner-Mount TV

    Maximize an empty corner by mounting a TV bracket that pulls out and swivels. You'll be able to see the TV from anywhere in the bath.

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    Hidden Bath TV

    Use a TV cabinet with doors that tuck away while you're watching and hide the TV while you're not.

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    Vanity TV

    Put the TV near the vanity to keep an eye on your favorite shows while you get ready for the day.

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    TV Alcove

    Forget about fine art. Situate a flat panel TV in an alcove between two closets in the bath.

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    TV for the Bath

    A TV/DVD combination unit mounted near the tub makes for a fabulous way to wrap up a long day. Pop in your favorite movie while you relax in a steamy bath.

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    Corner TV Cabinet

    Use an otherwise overlooked space for holding the TV. Shelving on both sides of the corner cabinet makes great storage for towels and bath products -- and a TV.

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    Flat-Panel TV Above Tub

    Forget the bath bubbles that used to take you away from the daily grind. Your new mode of relaxation is watching your favorite primetime shows as you soak.

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    Wall-Mount TV You Can See

    Strategic planning will ensure you can spot your TV from wherever you choose in the bath -- even in the mirror.

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    Built-In TV cabinet

    A single cabinet tailored for your TV and mounted directly into the wall is a great way to incorporate media into the room without an invasion of space.

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    Mirror with an Integrated TV

    Now you see it, now you don't. Watch your favorite show while you brush your teeth, then turn the TV off and see your reflection in the mirror with a mirror TV.

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    TV in a Bath Alcove

    Create a cozy viewing spot in the bath by hanging a TV above a tub in an alcove.

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    Hide Away TV

    Get the comfort of a TV in your bath without sacrificing a traditional design. Put the TV in a cabinet with a door to hide it when you're not watching.

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    TV on a Bath Shelf

    Wall shelves that hold towels and other bath products are great places to put a small TV. Here, it is high at the foot of the tub and easy to see from anywhere in the bath.

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    More Bath Luxuries

    Televisions, steam showers, towel warmers, multiple showerheads, fireplaces, even beverage centers... a well-designed bathroom can accommodate any luxury.

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