1 Bath, 3 Ways: A Trio of Bathroom Makeovers

Staying within the existing footprint doesn't limit style. Here are three looks for updating a basic bathroom.

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    Chic Retreat

    Bring new life into a basic bath with a few simple revamps. In this once standard bath, removing the bath-shower combo makes way for a soaking tub in the airy space. Beaded board surrounds the tub, and floral wallpaper highlights the wall behind the vanity. A new color palette enhances the retreat.

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    Seated Solution

    A vanity bench keeps bath necessities close at hand and provides a place to sit and get ready. Thoughtful details, such as furniture finishes and bath towels that correlate with the color scheme, tie the room together to create the desired aesthetic.

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    Versatile Vanity

    A base cabinet with a rich wood finish and an integrated sink looks elegant and is a seamless storage solution. The shelves inside provide ample space for towels, lotions, and bath accessories.

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    Splashy Spotlight

    A freestanding soaking tub creates a focal point in this posh bath. The handheld shower is a practical choice for the tub area because it adds the function of the shower while keeping with the elegant aesthetic. If you prefer to keep a traditional wall-mount shower, look for a ceiling-mount, oval-shape shower rod to hang a shower curtain from.

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    All in the Details

    Blue walls, white beaded board, and a papered wall all add interest yet keep the color scheme. Consider papering only the wall behind your sink as a cost-saving alternative to papering an entire room. Gorgeous wall sconces also contribute upgraded glam to a basic bathroom. These wall sconces not only contribute style, but they also add more concentrated light to the vanity area.

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    Easy Upgrade

    Give your basic bath a more tailored and custom look with a few updates. In this bath, once nondescript, an innovative cabinet base replaces the original pedestal with the same sink setting on top, and glass doors replace the shower curtain. A few accessories and a new color palette of dusty blue, chocolate brown, and warm vanilla add flair.

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    Harmonious Hardware

    The vanity sets the tone for the rest of the room's simple decor. Chrome-finish light fixtures flank a frameless square mirror for a sleek look. For a cohesion, pick features that have a similar finish and style. The cabinet knobs, soap dish, and towel bar were all chosen because of their unified silver finish.

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    Mix & Match

    Modify existing furniture to blend style with storage. This base cabinet, specially designed to fit an existing pedestal sink top, adds storage while maintaining the slim profile of a pedestal sink.

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    Sleek Shower

    Upgrade from a shower curtain to a sliding bypass door for a built-in look that adds a sense of spaciousness. Bonus: A door-mounttowel bar frees space on the walls for storing other items.

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    Sage Solution

    This builder-basic bath didn't always have such personality. Color on the walls and accents brighten the room, while tile and hardware upgrades add a custom look on a dime. Storage expands with the addition of a few simple accessories, giving the room a fresh and functional look.

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    Mirror, Mirror

    Even small mirrors can visually enhance a space by reflecting light throughout it. Simple oval shapes, found in the mirror and light fixtures, are integrated as an antidote to the square pedestal sink.

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    Functional Fixtures

    Replacing hardware is an easy way to give your bathroom a facelift. Here, a new shower fixture is a high-impact upgrade that complements the decor of the bathroom, and a curved shower curtain rod makes the shower space feel roomier. Adding a tile surround also customizes the look of a shower and protects the walls from moisture. Keep costs down by opting for a simple yet sophisticated material, such as this white tile, and add in the panache with smaller items, such as a bath mat and shower curtain.

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    Basket Case

    Deep baskets provide storage and display space without the expense of built-ins or furniture. Roll up towels and pile them into open baskets near the shower for easy access.

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    Introduce Color

    Color and patterns revive personality in any room. This bath's crisp white trim sparkles against soft green walls, while accessories in multiple shades of green give the bath a colorful, custom look.

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