Tiny Guest Bath Makeover Packed with Style

By moving elements within the same footprint, this powder room was upgraded to a beautiful guest bath. This small bathroom makeover infuses modern styling with a classic color palette to create a perfect combination.

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    Before: Plain Powder Room

    Before the remodel, this main-floor powder room was drab and not at all functional for the nearby guest room. Inspired by a palette of calming hues and the need for a better layout and shower stall, this bathroom got a much-needed new look.


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    After: Shining Star

    With the window shifted into the opposite corner, the bathroom now has room for a modern vanity, toilet, and new glass shower. To sneak in even more storage under the window, a second vanity was purchased and then cut in half to fit the tight space.

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    Petite baths need smart solutions, and this one is no exception. On-the-wall space savers include a frameless mirror, a single-handle faucet, and a towel hook instead of a bar. A pale blue-gray paint color keeps the room light, while bright accent colors bring energy.


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    Slim Solution

    At just 12 inches deep, the second bathroom cabinet is the perfect place to store toilet paper and other bathroom essentials. The toilet paper holder doubles as a cabinet door handle, and the narrow ledge above is perfect for a curated group of accessories. 

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    New Addition

    In the new shower stall, porcelain subway tiles and glass accent tiles team up for to-the-ceiling luxury with an easy-clean surface. A built-in niche adds storage for shower products and keeps them off of the floor.

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    Texture Underfoot

    Pebble mosaic tile gives guests' feet a soothing massage just by stepping inside. A mix of materials creates a luxurious look for a small price -- perfect for a guest bath.

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    Bonus: Pretty Tile Treatments for the Shower

    Get inspired to mix and match tile in your own shower with these ideas.

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