The forecast is brighter for this bath, and a whole family's morning routine, now that a practical, high-style shower has moved in.
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Someone in Kim Rivera's house wasn't happy about sharing. And it wasn't her kids. Izabel and Richie were used to taking turns in the 5x8-foot bath between their bedrooms. But once they stopped using the tub, Kim found herself in line outside her own bathroom, waiting for the shower. It was time to reclaim her space and give the teenagers a more useful bathroom.

brown and yellow bathroom before renovation
black white modern bathroom with plants
Left: Credit: Courtesy of homeowner
Right: Credit: Adam Albright

The makeover's game-changer: A fixed glass panel delineates a shower that fills the space of the original 1948 pink tub. To waterproof the stall, ceramic tile (over cement board) runs floor to ceiling and wraps the edges of the window recess.

What makes the new doorless shower work? Moving the controls to the opposite wall, mounting a pan-style showerhead on a curved arm, and protecting the surfaces with tile. The shower inspired a black-and-white scheme that lifts the whole room. Now a line forms outside this bath.

black and white bathroom counter with mirror
Credit: Adam Albright

Paint and new knobs gave the old cabinet a mini makeover. A round mirror with a strap appears to hang from the new light fixture. (It's actually mounted to the wall.)

bathroom shelves

Floating shelves with spray-painted brackets increase display space but not visual weight.

Sink with copper tap
Credit: Adam Albright Photography Inc

A new bronze faucet modernizes the old sink. The single-handle lever style is easier to turn on and keep clean than a traditional two-handle model.

black and white bathroom floor tiles
Credit: Adam Albright Photography Inc

Tearing up the tile floor would have required a jackhammer. The simpler route: covering it with peel-and-stick vinyl tiles. Mounting the shower panel was just as slick. It's secured in two black channels with clear silicone.

Comments (3)

Better Homes & Gardens Member
July 25, 2021
Where did the panel come from?
Better Homes & Gardens Member
April 9, 2020
An otherwise lovely makeover, except black is way too severe, and gold is kinda cheesy.
Better Homes & Gardens Member
February 15, 2020
The shower NEEDS a hand-held shower.....the over-head is NOT functional enough!