You Won't Believe How Little This Budget Bath Remodel Cost

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A wall once divided this primary bathroom into two awkward areas. But with a clever reconfiguration and plenty of DIY handiwork, the homeowners transformed the space into a sophisticated and serene retreat on a budget.

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Before: Little to Love

bathroom before

For a square footage of 90 feet, this modest bath just wasn't living up to expectations. A door divided the powder room and bathing area to create two separate spaces, each as small and uninviting as the other.

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After: Upscale Refuge

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The homeowners took down the bisecting wall, ripped out two linen closets, moved the door to the bedroom, then reconfigured the space for a more open and gracious floor plan. Over seven years, they gathered decor ideas and purchased them at a discount or reduced price. With much of the labor done themselves, and smart purchasing, the homeowners saved big. The total cost? $6,828.

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Sparkling Surfaces

green and white bathroom

Hard work pays off. With time, focus, and a budget in mind, the homeowners discovered this upscale vanity with a Carrara marble top online for less. The unit offers plenty of concealed and open storage below. Venetian-style mirrors and three delicate sconces add elegance above.

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Pretty Polish

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The vintage-style polished-chrome faucets and Carrara marble top came with the double vanity, further reducing costs. Soft turquoise wall color complements the monochromatic finishes for a spa-like scene.

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Elegance Defined


A crystal chandelier with fleur-de-lis accents sparkles day and night. Removing the bisecting wall made it possible for natural light from a single window to brighten the entire primary bath.

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Budget-Friendly Finishes

white bathroom

Octagonal ceramic floor tiles are both chic and budget-friendly. Beaded-board panels on the walls and ceiling are an inexpensive solution for adding texture and enhancing the bath's vintage appeal. The porcelain-look tub is actually a lightweight acrylic model purchased online. Along with built-in shelving and wainscoting, the tub contributes farmhouse-country style that balances the surrounding elegance.

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Savvy Storage

white shower tile

A glass shower enclosure visually expands the bathroom and maintains its feeling of openness. A large built-in niche adds plenty of storage for soaps and scrubs. Subway tile on the walls keeps the update affordable.

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Max Out Your Bathroom's Storage

These mini-but-mighty bath storage ideas will help you trick a slim setup into handling everything, whether it's small accessories or oversize purchases.

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