Form marries function with this beautifully designed master bath. Smart space planning and rustic-modern details transform the dated washroom into a work of art.


Standard bath components, like this built-in bathtub and shower, took up too much space. A moody color scheme made the bathroom feel dark and cramped.

After: Sleek and Fresh

This streamlined tub nods to an old-fashioned soaking tub without sacrificing modern style. The glossy white interior and matte black exterior create a high contrast that draws the eye in.

Widespread faucets in shiny polished chrome boast clean lines, and simple lever handles give the room a modern edge. Floor-to-ceiling custom linen draperies frame the focal-point tub.

A large abstract painting adds to the room's rustic-modern look without overwhelming the space. A cool green and blue palette makes it easy to relax.

Before: Out in the Open

Separate pedestal sinks take up a lot of space without providing any storage. A stand-alone organizer doesn't match the rest of the bathroom and keeps clutter in plain sight.

After: Everything Has a Place

Mixing woods and metals delivers the rustic-modern look the homeowners desired. The reclaimed-wood vanity pairs with barn-style pendant lights, industrial mirrors, and streamlined chrome fixtures to create the perfect blend of old and new.

These soapstone countertops are a smart pick for any bathroom. They don't need to be sealed or protected, and they naturally resist bacteria.

Before: Dark and Drab

Curtains pulled across the walk-in shower made this corner dark and closed-off. A nearby towel hook further crowded the area.

After: Light and Airy

Clear glass panels bring natural light into the shower area, while white 1×10-inch horizontal poplar planks line the bath's walls. These planks serve two purposes: They add rustic charm and hide structural issues related to the room's porch roots. Plank walls are a clever solution for covering less-than-perfect drywall because they mask imperfections and add subtle texture.

This partial wall not only helps shield the toilet, but also contains a pullout that stealthily stores toiletries. The wall's sides and front are covered in wood planking that blends with the rest of the room when the pullout is closed.


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