15 Before-and-After Bathroom Remodels to Inspire Your Design


Create a bathroom that boasts fabulous style and function. Find inspiration for your remodeling project from these amazing before-and-after bathroom makeovers.

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Before: Lackluster Bath

bathroom before

Fixing the problems of broken tile, no storage, and a claustrophobic shower topped the to-do list in this 1940s bathroom makeover.

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After: Contemporary Classic


A sleek, storage-rich vanity sets the tone in the reorganized bathroom. An off-center sink allows space for setting grooming tools, and pretty tile and interesting details make this a room to remember.

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Before: Unsuitable Space

Bathroom Renovations

A tub-shower combo didn't suit the couple's long-term needs, and there wasn't any storage in this 7x5 bath. It needed a to-the-studs overhaul.

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After: Charming Bungalow Bath


Vintage style and a classic palette set the stage for a new glamorous bathroom. A curbless shower with crisp white tile looks modern with the slate gray paint color, and a new vanity was chosen because of its classic lines.

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Before: Cornered and Cramped

Bathroom Renovations

A '90s traditional-style bath didn't fit the homeowner's dream for a contemporary bath with a large shower, so this bathroom was destined for a makeover.

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After: High-Contrast Beauty


Coffee-color tiles cover the expanded shower's back wall, creating a high-contrast look with the rest of the room's creamy palette. A floating espresso vanity adds to the feeling of openness and offers much-needed storage.

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Before: Trouble with Tile

bathroom before

This bathroom was a rescue mission. Half of the green tiles were in good shape, so they were removed, sorted, and then reinstalled to give the bathroom a beautiful new look without waste.

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After: Vintage Charm

Decorating Gallery

Salvaged green tiles were mixed with new white tiles in a modern stripe pattern around the combination tub-shower. White and green accents throughout the room create a soothing and classic color palette. A custom window treatment incorporates a new pattern and is perfect for the bathroom, providing privacy while softly filtering light.

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Before: No Personality

bathroom before

From the beginning, this bathroom lacked everything: color, decor, and style. Minor additions made a huge impact. A little bit of color accents existing features to completely revamp this boring bath.

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After: Classic and Beautiful


Simple updates turned this bland room into a calming space. The angular shape of the existing pedestal sink inspired the new flooring and accessories throughout the room. Even the bold blue print on the shower curtain mimics the shape. The curtain gives the bath a trendy look but can easily be switched out to change the room's style.

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Small Changes = Big Impact

See more of this bathroom makeover—and how small changes can make a big impact.

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Before: Outdated and Out of Style

bathroom before

This bathroom was grimy, outdated, and plain. Almost zero storage space left rolls of toilet paper stored in plain sight. Between the simple bulb light, the white shower curtain, and the standard tile walls, this bathroom was anything but stylish.

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After: Cool, Calm Oasis


A complete overhaul turned this out-of-style bathroom into a calm oasis. The melamine vanity was replaced by a custom floating vanity made from bamboo, which instantly makes the room seem bigger. The basic tub was replaced by a glass-enclosed shower with a standout stone mosaic tile wall. The other surfaces were updated with large gray stone tile on the walls and the same stone was applied as a herringbone mosaic on the floor. A recessed niche was carved out of the shower wall to store bathing essentials.

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Before: Bland Home Office

bathroom before

This upper-level office off a primary bedroom needed an update, and the homeowners needed a bathroom. Where there once was a makeshift office, now there is a peaceful primary bath with a roomy shower and a built-in tub.

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After: Stunning New Bath

green bathroom

Plumbing and color turn this former office area into a calm, soothing bathroom. A white soaking tub is nestled under the slanted ceiling to maximize space throughout the rest of the room. A simple, open vanity provides easy access to storage and prevents the dark espresso color from weighing down the space. A glass top and vessel sink add contemporary flair to the new bathroom.

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Before: Clash Instead of Calm


A clash of colors and poor design elements left this bathroom in a frenzy. The 1993 pink, green, and brass-trimmed bath was far from the nature-inspired, calming room the owners wanted. Plus, the enclosed shower and the wallpapered walls gave the room a confined feel.

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After: Bathing Au Naturel

tan bathroom

Everything in this room is meant to resemble nature. Whether it's the veining on the travertine floor or the shower's pebble tile, this bathroom represents the great outdoors at its best. Shower walls were replaced with glass panels, and the dark brown limestone deck around the bath adds a solid, grounded feel to the airy room.

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Before: Awkward Use of Space

Before: Chain of Change

The bulky, dark vanity was a visual sore spot in this bathroom. The floor plan allowed only a small sliver of space for the vanity. New cabinetry would have provided a fresh look, but it wouldn't get rid of the bathroom's cramped feel. Reconfiguring the floor plan to accommodate a larger unit would have significantly added to the cost.

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After: A Glamorous Retreat

After: A Glamorous Retreat

Chic grass-cloth wallpaper, the starting point for this makeover, lightened up the room significantly. The rest of the room followed suit. The solution to the vanity dilemma was to install an open unit, which keeps the room feeling spacious. Calacatta gold marble was the splurge in this makeover; it keeps with the bathroom's sophisticated aura. The black-vein stone stretches across the floor and partially up the wall behind the vanity for a cohesive look.

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Before: Cramped and Creaky

Before: Cramped Bathroom B

The salmon-color ceramic tile and matching sink and toilet weren't this bathroom's only problems. The wall-mount sink also lacked the storage space needed in this small room.

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After: A Relaxing Spa Oasis

Tan bathroom with circle mirror

With the offending elements gone, the vanity area was given an infusion of spa style, using both hard-edge and fluid shapes. Square niches carved out between wall studs provide storage and display space, and the series of squares is broken up with a chic round mirror. A curvaceous faucet gives the area an organic look and is balanced by the vanity's crisp millwork details.

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Before: Beleaguered Bath

Bathroom Vanity

The many problems in this bathroom addition—dark and dated colors on the walls, ceiling, vanity, and trim, along with poor lighting—made the space feel cramped and cavelike. Without a door to separate the bedroom and bath, the room failed to achieve an escape-to-the-spa feel.

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After: Clean and Serene

Bathroom Vanity

To keep renovation costs down, the homeowners kept the Chippendale-style vanity but revived it with crisp white paint. To avoid water damage, the wood countertop received several coats of high-gloss enamel paint. To lighten up the room, the homeowners chose soft blue paint for the walls and ceiling, and the existing trimwork was painted white. A mirror with a silver frame and new sconces bring out a refreshed vintage style. A pocket door— seen in the mirror—conceals the new toilet, where the shower once stood.

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Before: Old and Outdated


This cramped 5x8-foot bathroom was desperate for a redo. For starters, the old cast-iron tub and tile were original to the house, built in 1928. The no-frills space also featured a porcelain finish that was worn and gray, a peeling fake frosted-glass window, and almost no storage.

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After: Young and Fun


To get a brighter bath, the homeowners installed white beaded board and classic tile all the way to the ceiling. The new vanity— made of pipe the homeowners found online, a slab of limestone, and a drop-in sink— serves as the focal point of the room. Cheerful paint, fresh fabrics, and new fixtures give the room a youthful presence. A new double-hung window is dressed with fun mini shutters and cafe curtains.

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Before: Bachelor Bath Blunder


This bachelor's bath made a pathetic first impression. The confined 5x8-foot space was barely functional, partially because the room remained half-finished from a previous renovation attempt. The less-than-beautiful bathtub was too old, and the mustard yellow paint that covered the walls was outdated.

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After: Masculine and Mature


To create a soothing space that felt masculine, a luxurious tub was installed, and a mosaic of glass tile encases it from floor to ceiling. Calming creams and browns show up in the furnishings, the natural wood of the vanity, and the tub and floor tiles. A slab of mahogany wood attached to metal legs adds up to a simple yet sleek vanity. An above-counter sink and wall-mount faucet continue the masculine, modern theme of the room.

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Before: Unorganized Mess

bathroom before

Both unorganized storage space and clutter-filled countertops made this bathroom simply a mess. The lack of design and the wide countertop on the vanity made it easy to leave items out, giving the room a stressful, messy feel rather than a serene, calming one.

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After: Encouraging Cleanliness


A sleek, compact vanity prevents the cluttered mess by condensing the space in a stylish way. The compact vanity includes storage below the small amount of counter space, which encourages use of the drawers and cabinets. The clean, sleek design of the stark white paired with the rich wood and glass and metal accents gives the room a clean, sophisticated look.

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