Before-and-After Bathroom Makeovers

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Growing weary of your out-of-date bathroom? Browse these stunning bathroom makeovers and gather inspiration to transform your bathroom into a stylish retreat worthy of your time and attention.

Before: Untouched and Ignored

This lower-level bathroom had been ignored since the 80s, but after an outdoor renovation, this bathroom was out of place in a high-traffic area.

After: Perfectly Appointed

The bathroom's layout was ideal, so they saved money with plumbing, allowing them to splurge on a richly-stained custom vanity with marble top. An open lower shelf allows guests to grab a towel on the way out to the hot tub.

Before: Past its Prime

A formerly all-pink bath wasn't a good fit for twin boys, so this out-of-date bath needed a complete overhaul. It's also a hall bath, so the homeowners wanted a room fit for guests and their busy family.

After: Refined Beauty

A classic all-white palette helps this tiny bath feel spacious, and fit's the rest of the home's classic look. Ceramic tile on the floor mimics the look of marble, giving the room a high-end look for less.

Before: Challenging Traits

After 30 years, these homeowners were well acquainted with their home's only full bath. Although the original hexagonal floor tiles, built-in storage, and crystal hardware were charming, a host of other issues overshadowed the bath's strong points. Topping the owners' must-fix list was a leaky toilet, stained pedestal sink, and outdated surfaces and fixtures.

After: Classic Charm

For only about $1,500, the homeowners gave the bathroom a polished look to match the rest of their charming 1920s home. Drawing inspiration from the pretty blue floor tiles, they dressed the walls with sophisticated navy-and-gray damask wallpaper. Bright white-painted wainscoting restored some of the room's architectural details. A new pedestal sink and toilet reflect vintage charm but lend modern function.

Before: (Un)Lucky 13

This homeowner lived with a boring bath for 13 years -- then she'd had enough. Bland and without personality, the bath was due for a much-needed face-lift. 

After: Soft and Serene

The spa-like paint color was pulled from the shimmering mosaic tile, and the classic white and green palette feels crisp, not boring. 

Before: No Room for Relaxation

Pink carpeting and laminate countertops were just the tip of the iceberg for this dramatic master bathroom makeover. In addition to those glaring style issues, the bathroom had a strange layout and lacked a tub. Topping the homeowners' to-do list were a soothing shower and a roomy soaking tub.

After: Suite Escape

Working within the room's dimensions kept the homeowners within their budget. Drawing inspiration from their favorite luxury hotels, they created a space filled with clean lines and contemporary styling. The custom flat-panel vanity, wrapped with durable solid-surfacing, was designed with doors that look like drawers. The wall behind the mirror boasts a deep medicine chest that offers additional storage. The shower and soaking tub (not shown) transformed the bathroom into the relaxing retreat the homeowners craved.

Before: Lacking Character

Although this bathroom remodeling project took only three weeks to complete, the homeowners had been thinking about redoing their bland basement bathroom for years. Their mission was simple: Transform the space into a relaxing and personality-filled retreat.

After: Bright and Open

Drawing color inspiration from the adjacent guest bedroom, the homeowners opted for a soothing palette of cool grays and soft yellows. The custom-made vanity features open shelving, which helps the room feel larger. A thick frame made from the same wood as the vanity transforms the mirror into a standout focal point. The marble tiles adorning the shower surround and the floor lend a hint of luxury.

Watch the quickest ways to transform your bathroom from drab to fab. These easy changes are impactful to the eye, but not on the wallet, proving that a decorating a bathroom can be done well for less.

Easily Update Your Bathroom

Even if you can't do a big makeover, you can easily update your bath with these ideas.

Before: Cramped and Crowded

A narrow layout and outdated design scheme made this bathroom an eyesore for its historic 1920s home. An addition -- built mainly to expand the kitchen -- created room on the upper level to accomodate a generous master bathroom makeover. The original bath became a walk-in closet.

After: Measured Elegance

The homeowners chose marble to be the predominant surface throughout the new bathroom, which helped to direct the design process. A grid of wooden wall paneling adds character and depth to balance the weight of the marble. The custom-designed sink is both decorative and functional.

Before: Time for a Redo

A worn-out dresser-turned-vanity and a bland color palette weren't turning any heads in this powder room. Drawing inspiration from the traditional furniture-style look of the vanity, the homeowners transformed the space into a lovely retreat.

After: Classic and Charming

As lovers of charming older houses, the homeowners knew they wanted to infuse the powder room with touches reminiscent of an earlier era. To do that, they designed and constructed the furniture-style vanity themselves. A sleek marble countertop was a splurge, but with savings from building the vanity, it was well worth the cost. The colorful wallpaper gives the bathroom a touch of whimsical energy.

Before: Behind the Times

Most remodeling projects are carefully planned for weeks or months. But sometimes, as in the case of this bathroom, inspiration comes suddenly. A dedicated do-it-yourselfer, the homeowner had an opportunity to update the outdated bathroom and decided to run with it.

After: Simple Solitude

A clever juxtaposition of old and new gives the master bathroom distinctive personality. The homeowners opted to use a well-weathered Chinese butcher table as a vanity, maintaining the authenticity of the piece with an above-the-counter vessel sink. A pebble tile "rug" in the center of the space provides another layer of texture and delivers a good massage to bare feet.

Before: Design Dilemma

This tiny powder room -- with its cobbled-together vanity, small sink, cheap faucet, muddy beige walls, and dark green painted floors -- was anything but pretty. Not to mention the narrow construction made design decisions difficult.

After: European Roots

The homeowner found herself attracted to the Belgian design aesthetic: clean lines mixed with weathered furnishings, a blend of old and new elements, and a neutral color palette. The weathered wood table she snagged from a local home store put the whole design scheme in motion. The stylish vessel sink maintains the character of the table, while a wall-mount faucet lends sparkle. With an elegant mix of textures and colors, the bathroom is now a space the homeowner can proudly share with family and friends.

Before: Dated and Drab

This bathroom's outdated color scheme, sunken tub, and poor insulation presented a host of problems for the homeowners. Although the renovation they undertook didn't enlarge the room, it transformed the space from eyesore to wow-worthy.

After: Dazzling Retreat

Following the owners' interest in the Asian design aesthetic, the renovation transformed the bathroom into an exotic sanctuary and a study in contrasting natural materials. At one end of the room, a custom vanity recalls an Asian vibe. Complemented by the rough-hewn tile backsplash and concrete countertop, the vanity instantly became the room's focal point. Clean-lined lighting and a bronze vessel sink strike a balance between contemporary and calm.

Before: Dark and Narrow

High on the homeowners' list of renovation spots, this bathroom -- complete with a steeply vaulted ceiling and dark wall color -- left users feeling cold and aloof. The homeowners set their sights on an overhaul that would transform the bathroom into a kinder, gentler, and prettier space.

After: Simply Classic

The clean and classic style the homeowners envisioned was achieved using white paint, marble, and vintage-inspired fixtures. Bumping out a wall in the bathroom created extra space that the homeowners filled with a dual vanity. Side mirrors pull double-duty by reflecting light and concealing deep medicine cabinets that contain outlets for hair dryers and shavers.

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