This $800 Basic-Builder Bath Makeover is All in the Details

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Small cosmetic changes allowed this compact master bath to be refreshed for $800, and it was all thanks to the details. See how tiny tweaks add up to a chic new look, and check out the budget breakdown to see how it was done!

Before: Dull Design

This long-ignored master bath itched for a makeover the minute its homeowners moved in. Its characterless cookie-cutter setup begged for a bit of personality beyond the beige, but it needed to happen on a budget.


After: Lightened Up

The update: Cabinet hardware and fresh paint

The homeowners were adament about one thing: Don't paint the woodwork! To modernize the vanity without a complete cosmetic overhaul, chrome drawer pulls and knobs replaced its dated hardware. A fresh coat of cream paint blends with the bathroom's walls and woodwork to give a subtle light-dark contrast.

Before: Blah Features

Sure, the mirror and lighting that came with the house functioned, but they weren't doing much for the room's aesthetic.


After: Bright & Colorful

The update: Mirror update, new lighting, artwork, and colorful accessories

Little details add up to big results in a budget makeover. Splitting the large mirror into two and framing it not only created better balance in the bathroom, it also opened up room for storage. New and improved fixtures maximize lighting and further the bath's airy feeling. A large-scale piece of artwork and multi-hue rug feature an orange-brown similar to the wood used throughout the bathroom.

Faucet Upgrade

The update: Modernized faucet

Single-handle faucets were replaced with a sturdier, nice-to-touch design that reflect the bathroom's light, modern outlook.

Punch of Pattern

The update: Wallpaper accent wall

On the wall opposite the vanity, trellis-pattern wallpaper creates a lovely, barely-there accent wall. Its neutral design keeps the shift from paint to paper subtle and cohesive.

Better Storage

The update: New shelves and towel bars

Small glass shelves step up storage throughout the refreshed bath, and new towel bars over the tub supply functional beauty.

Budget Breakdown

Faucets: $177.00

Light fixtures: $138.00

Paint (wall and mirror frames): $74.27

Shelves: $147.00

Towel bars/ring: $154.43

Vanity hardware: $42.56

Wallpaper: $43.99

Wood (mirror frames): $22.26

TOTAL: $799.51

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