A Beautiful Bathroom Makeover for $200

See how these homeowners transformed a drab bath into something beautiful for just $200.

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    Before: Drab and Lifeless

    Instead of completely gutting this dreary bathroom, the homeowner decided to repurpose and salvage all that she could which led to a budget savvy bathroom makeover. Repainting the vanity turquoise and adding little pops of color was the main plan for the bathroom transformation.

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    After: Delightful Details

    Design is all in the details, and this remodeled bathroom has plenty of unique and smart details. With a little paint and some repurposing, a complete bathroom makeover is easier than you might think. With painter's tape, these homeowners added a creamy taupe stripe around the room to add interest to blank walls.

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    Simple Alterations

    New paint and hardware was all the old vanity needed to give it new life. Ceramic tiles are secured to the large vanity mirror with building-materials adhesive to create an expensive look for less. It took just 30 minutes and $25 to create this customized mirror.

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    Specific Space

    Adding chair rail defines the dark stripe and creates a towel drying station. Simple hooks give the towels a proper storage spot right above the tub.

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    A Little Glamour

    A $10 chandelier found on eBay was brought back to life with leftover paint from the vanity. The fixture brings much-needed sparkle and shine to the room.


    DIY Tip: While repainting the piece, the homeowner covered the crystals in aluminum foil to keep them safe from paint.

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    Save Instead of Splurge

    A bench found at a secondhand store is a drop zone for bathing essentials and can be pulled up to the vanity for a comfy spot to sit. When the most expensive feature of the bathroom redo was $75 for hardware, it's no surprise that a $200 makeover is indeed possible.

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