21 Pretty Bathroom Backsplash Ideas Ranging from Tile to Wallpaper

Wood Plank Walls blue vanity
Photo: Christina Wedge

A bathroom backsplash provides both protection and style for your walls. Whether classic subway tile, rustic wood planks, or funky patterned wallpaper, our favorite bathroom backsplash ideas will help you find a material that fits your style and budget.

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Modern Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash

gray bathroom with white tile
Adam Albright

Put a modern spin on a classic subway tile bathroom backsplash. Instead of the typical running bond layout, try installing the rectangular tiles in a unique pattern, such as a herringbone or vertical arrangement. For this bathroom's backsplash, subway tiles are stacked vertically and contrasted with dark grout for a contemporary look.

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Painted Bathroom Sink Backsplash

bathroom with two sinks
Christina Wedge

For a budget-friendly bathroom backsplash idea, try painting the wall behind the sink with a two-tone treatment. This creates the illusion of a backsplash without the cost of tile installation. In this neutral bathroom, a dark gray paint color, which matches the slate floor tiles, stretches partway up the wall to give a sense of architecture.

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Bold Bathroom Backsplash Tile

Bathroom with black and white tile and marble sink
Werner Segarra

Choose a graphic tile design for a statement-making bathroom backsplash. Here, patterned black-and-white tiles stretch to the ceiling, creating a bold focal point along the vanity wall. The mix-and-match decorative tile designs add interesting texture and dimension to the bathroom backsplash.

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Bathroom Tile Backsplash Ideas

black hexagon mosaic tiles bathroom
Michael Partenio

Add interest to a bathroom backsplash by blending an array of tile shapes and textures. In this primary bathroom, stark white subway tile contrasts beautifully with black hexagon mosaic tiles. The inexpensive tiles continue onto the floor to create a retro geometric statement on a budget.

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Wood Plank Bathroom Backsplash

Wood Plank Walls blue vanity
Christina Wedge

Horizontal painted wood planks are an inexpensive yet eye-catching bathroom backsplash solution. A shiplap wall treatment lends cottage appeal to this beautiful blue bathroom. Give the rustic look a contemporary update with industrial-style lighting and a colorful vanity.

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Faux Concrete Bathroom Backsplash

Faux Concrete Modern Vanity
John Granen

Complement a modern vanity with a hand-plastered backsplash made to mimic concrete. Troweling gray plaster created this custom look; a strip of stainless steel beneath the faucets provides protection against splashes. Pair the material with pops of green for a serene mix of earthy and industrial.

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Waterproof Wallpaper for Bathrooms

modern bathroom vanity with with bold orange graphic wallpaper, gold fixtures, mirror and blue flowers
Frances Janisch

Punch up a powder room with a wallpapered accent wall. This graphic coral design provides a dramatic impact to the small bathroom. For the most protection, opt for vinyl-coated wallpaper, which can better withstand moisture, and products labeled "scrubbable."

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Penny Tile Bathroom Backsplash

Round penny tiles bath backsplash
Brie Williams

Round penny tiles aren't reserved for the bathroom floor. Bring them up to your bathroom vanity backsplash for a fun twist on tradition. Select a cream-color tile to warm up a small bathroom and complement an earthy color palette.

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Mixed-Material Backsplash Ideas

white subway tile bath backsplash
Jean Allsopp

Dress up white subway tile with natural stone trim. Here, the thin moldings divide lines of tile and mark the transition between the backsplash and the beige wall. Honey-color grout warms the traditional bathroom backsplash and blends with the space's neutral color palette.

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How to Tile a Bathroom Backsplash

Incorporate color and pattern into your bathroom with an easy tile backsplash. This wall treatment is simple enough to install yourself. We'll show you how!

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Mosaic Tile Bathroom Backsplash

Mosaic tiles vanity backsplash
John Bessler

Mosaic tiles are available in large sheets, making them an easy DIY bathroom backsplash idea. Choose your favorite mix of colors or a shimmering glass finish for a look that matches your bathroom's style. To expand the impact of a mosaic backsplash, continue the tiles behind open shelves.

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Colorful Tile Bathroom Backsplash

soft blue backsplash vessel sink
Laurie Black

Shimmering glass tiles grab attention in this updated take on traditional subway tile. The soft blue backsplash frames a modern vessel sink and wall-mounted faucets for a clutter-free bathroom design with a calming pop of color. The shiny surface of the tile backsplash beautifully reflects natural light from the broad windows above.

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Oversized Tile Bathroom Backsplash

black white bathroom yellow accents
Michael Partenio

Cover the wall behind your vanity with oversized tiles for a sleek, simple bathroom backsplash. Here, a crisp white backsplash made with large-scale ceramic tile sparkles against a dark wood vanity. Clean white grout completes the streamlined symmetrical pattern that repeats on the slate floor beneath.

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Black-and-White Bathroom Backsplash

black white tile contemporary vanity
Beth Singer

Spice up a quiet countertop with an eye-catching black-and-white bathroom sink backsplash. The narrow glass liner tiles serve as a functional focal point behind the contemporary vanity. The backsplash stretches from floor to ceiling to maximize its impact.

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Classic Beaded-Board Bathroom Backsplash

splash-resistant cottage style vanity
Gordon Beall

White beaded board is budget-friendly, durable, and simple to install. Use it to panel the wall behind your bathroom's vanity for a splash-resistant backsplash. Enhance the treatment's cottage style with light blue walls and coastal accessories.

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Neutral Bathroom Sink Backsplash

Linear mosaic tiles limestone vanity
Beth Singer

Combine a variety of material types for a more dynamic bathroom sink backsplash. In this bathroom, linear glass mosaic tiles add visual interest to a wall of limestone wainscoting. A durable, eco-friendly laminate rail that matches the clean-lined vanity separates and showcases the neutral bathroom backsplash.

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Small-Scale Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash

petite subway tiles double vanity
Werner Segarra

For an unexpected twist on a familiar look, select petite subway tiles for your bathroom backsplash. This small-scale tile provides extra texture thanks to a beveled-edge detail. To visually expand a small bath, extend the neutral backsplash to the ceiling.

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Glass Tile Bathroom Backsplash

blue tile backsplash wood vanity
Stacey Branford

A light blue backsplash made with square glass tiles adds visual depth above this warm wood vanity. The highly reflective surface bounces around light, making this a great small bathroom backsplash idea. The subtle splash of color is an unexpected addition to the contemporary concrete countertop.

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Rustic Wood Bathroom Backsplash

Wood Planks wall granite countertop
Emily Followill

Make a farmhouse-style statement with 1x6-inch wood boards cut from 8-foot lengths. Install the planks to one wall, then apply a light gray stain for added texture. A granite countertop brings out the rustic tones of this wood bathroom backsplash.

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Blue Bathroom Tile Backsplash

blue variant backsplash vanity
Emily Minton-Redfield

Create a soothing escape in the comfort of your home with a bold blue backsplash. With varied shades of soft powder and deep navy, the beautiful linear tiles evoke deep ocean waters. The to-the-ceiling backsplash pairs well with the soft gray veining of marble-framed mirrors.

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Global-Inspired Bathroom Backsplash

Moroccan style tile backsplash vanity
Edmund Barr

Moorish elements, like a shapely tiled backsplash wall, can help give your bathroom a globally inspired look. Repeating a motif common in Moroccan architecture, the arabesque tile pattern complements a curved vanity mirror. Bright white grout makes each tile pop.

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