You can make a stylish splash in your bathroom with beautiful flooring and still have plenty of budget left for amenities. Check out these cheap bathroom flooring ideas that score on style.


Spend a few minutes in any flooring showroom or the flooring aisles at the home center and you'll find there are more choices than ever. Even better, you'll find plenty of cheap bathroom flooring ideas to create the look and function you've always wanted, plus stay on track with the budget. Here's a look at some favorite budget-friendly bathroom flooring ideas.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile

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Thanks to their creative potential and vast array of colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes, ceramic and porcelain tiles can't be beat when it comes to cheap bathroom flooring ideas. Both materials stand up to all the splashes and humidity of your bathroom. With clay-base bodies high-fired to become hardy tiles and impervious glasslike coatings called glazes, both ceramic and porcelain tiles are long-lasting and easy to maintain. Although porcelain tends to be harder than ceramic, both are great choices for the bathroom, and there's no shortage of cheap bathroom flooring ideas with both materials.

Look for affordable ceramic and porcelain tiles for as low as $1 per square foot; mosaic tiles start at less than $3 per square foot. Keep in mind that mosaic tiles are an especially great option in terms of safety because the multiple grout lines make it slip-resistant.

Stone Tile

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If you want a timeless look, stone tile flooring lends an air of permanence and elegance. You'll be delighted to find a number of cheap flooring ideas for stone tiles, whether it's polished marble, slate, tumbled limestone, or another type of stone. Like ceramic and porcelain, you'll find tiles in a wide variety of shades, shapes, and sizes.

Speak with a flooring dealer to find out if the stone you're considering requires sealing (not all do) and, if so, how often you'll need to reapply the finish. Quality sealers fill pits and spaces in the stone to make it more resistant to water and preserve the look. Slate and travertine are two types of flooring that are commonly available for less than $2 per square foot. Gorgeous marble tiles can be found for under $5 per square foot.


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Cork features natural properties that make it a warm cushion for your feet -- a bonus when it comes to cheap bathroom flooring ideas for bare feet. Cork is harvested from the bark of cork trees, which grows back quickly, so you can feel good about this environmentally sustainable product.

However, much like wood flooring, if your cork floor isn't sealed properly, it can absorb water and become permanently damaged. Make sure the cork floor you purchase is recommended and warranted for use in a bathroom, and have it finished with at least five coats of clear sealer. The perimeter must be caulked with silicone so no moisture can seep in around the edges. Finally, never let water stand for long periods on a cork floor; wipe it up immediately. Install a quality air vent in your bathroom, and turn it on whenever you bathe.

You'll find lots of options for colors and natural patterns in cork tiles and planks with prices as low as $2 per square foot.


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Today's vinyl is more attractive and durable than ever. It's comfortable underfoot and provides great water resistance, especially in sheet form. Luxury vinyl tiles and planks are available, too, and all come in an array of colors, styles, and patterns, including lines that closely mimic wood and stone. Luxury vinyl planks that look like wood start at less than $2 per square foot.


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