Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Give your bathroom a strong and stylish foundation. Discover durable and distinctive flooring materials and design ideas that you can bring to your bathroom.

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    Vintage-Style Bathroom Floor

    A subtle pattern can visually elongate a room. Here, black insets on the vintage-inspired floor tile play off the verticality of the beaded board and draw the eye toward the windows.

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    Limestone Bathroom Floor

    To add subtle interest to your bath design, consider including glass insets. In this bath full of vintage-inspired details, glass insets punctuate the limestone floor.

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    Oak Plank Floor

    Flooring can be used as a uniting element for distinct areas. Here, the pale oak planks help retain the bath's overall sense of intimacy while offering visual continuity between two zones of the room.

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    Bathroom Floor with Radiant Heat

    A popular bathroom flooring trend is installing radiant heat that provides a welcome alternative to cold, hard surfaces. In this bath, radiant heat warms the limestone and mosaic tiles that adorn the floor.

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    Mosaic Tile Accent

    Mosaic tiles are an easy way to customize your floors. Here, gold-tone marble tiles outline the shape of the room.

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    Keep Tile Floors Clean

    See how to keep your tile floors looking new - clean better, clean faster!

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    Reclaimed Wood Floor

    In an all-white bathroom, hardwood flooring can provide contrast and prevent the overall design from feeling too cold. In this bath, the simple white palette is warmed by reclaimed plank flooring.

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    Vintage-Style Bathroom Flooring

    To add vintage flair to a remodeled bath, make sure your floors -- whether reclaimed or new -- have an old-fashioned feel. In this bath, the mosaic-tile flooring plays off the nostalgic charm of the reproduction claw-foot tub.

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    Natural Bathroom Flooring

    Natural materials can add a masculine, earthy feel to baths. Here, dark slate flooring makes the crisp white tub and sink (not shown) pop. River stones are used in the shower and as a border around the freestanding tub to designate wet floor space.

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    Hexagonal Tile Flooring

    For design continuity throughout your home, consider matching flooring or other major elements in all of your bathrooms. In this remodeled bath, the homeowners chose new, unglazed hexagonal mosaic tiles to match those used in the home's other baths.

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    Slate Tile Flooring

    For a rugged retreat, consider using natural materials like the earthy, textured slate used here.

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    Light-Reflecting Marble Flooring

    Opulent marble flooring can reflect light to help illuminate a regal master bath. Here, marble floors and other surfaces help make the showstopping space appear much larger than it is.

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    Light Marble Bathroom Floor

    A light, polished floor can effectively offset rich wood cabinets, making a strong design statement as in this master bath.

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    Carrara Marble Floor

    Light-colored marble creates the illusion of more space in a small bath. In this bath, carrara marble, chosen for its heat conduction, fits the white scheme and blankets the floor.

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    Woven-Look Bathroom Floor

    Use a classic, simple floor pattern to add texture to a vintage bathroom. This playful pattern gives the illusion of depth.

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    Herringbone Tile Flooring

    Mix a classic pattern with large tiles for a slightly formal look. This heated floor with variegated marble tiles arranged in a herringbone pattern serves as the bath's traction-conscious foundation.

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    Floor with Angled Limestone Tiles

    Simply changing the angle at which tiles are laid can make a big design impact. To visually broaden the narrow corridor, these limestone field tiles were laid on the floor on the diagonal within a tile border.

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    Small Floor Tiles

    To draw attention to the floor in a simply designed bath, lay small floor tiles like these that deserve a second look.

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    Salvaged Wood Flooring

    Architectural salvage yards are great suppliers of vintage flooring. Internet auction sites can turn up gems, too. Search under such listings as "architectural salvage," "demolition contractors," or "building materials." In this bath, vintage charm comes in the form of antique random-width wood flooring salvaged from a local barn.

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    Bathroom Floor with Glass Tiles

    Contrast floor tile with other bathroom surfaces to add interest. Here, translucent glass tiles calm the room and contrast with the white cabinetry.

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