It's time to ditch the myth that spa-like bathrooms are only for ritzy hotels. You can easily create your own calming oasis by employing a few intentional techniques. From cool color schemes to tantalizing textural themes, these 12 stylish spaces serve as proof that a calming bath is within your grasp.


Spend a moment imagining your dream bathroom. What comes to mind first? Is it a luxurious soaker tub? Maybe a deluxe, two-sink vanity with an ornate mirror and custom organization? Whatever your focal point, give it the ultimate pop by building it right into the center of your space. In a bathroom, you can get away with a high-impact layout.

Fill It with Must-Have Accessories

If the boutique hotel look is what you're after, consider incorporating the key elements in your own home. Items like fluffy rolled towels, lotions and hand soap in glass bottles, and a tray of toiletries by the sink add a luxurious feel to your vanity area. And the best part is that you don't have to leave home!

Natural Colors Create Calm

Make room for the shower.

Creating a cohesive and calm color scheme comes down to uniformity. Where high-contrast color palettes encourage bold reactions, soothing neutrals promote serenity and tranquility. Take inspiration for your own calming bathroom color scheme from nature itself with sandy beach tones and a range of wood grains.

Fixtures Finish Things Off

You can spend hundreds of dollars in your quest to create a calming bathroom with paint, baskets, shelving, flowers, and the like, but don't forget the most important detail in a bathroom: the fixtures. High-quality showerheads, faucets, and commodes will give your space that spa-like functionality over designer accessories. First find the fixtures, then start styling.

Let the Light In with Reflective Surfaces

Awaken your senses first thing in the morning by outfitting your bathroom with lots of shimmering reflective surfaces. Large-scale mirrors, chrome fixtures, and polished tile all give bathrooms a sense of lightness and brightness, which in turn will lift your mood. Here, high-gloss paint was incorporated to create an airy aura.

Make Tired Tiles Work

Don't have a budget to replace the dated tile you inherited in your new-to-you retro home? Don't worry! Make it work by embracing your bathroom's existing color scheme and incorporating it into the rest of the space. Here, soothing olive-color tile is given contemporary personality with plenty of calming white and a full range of complementary green shades.

Pair Towels and Toiletries

Bypass the chaos of a busy morning by setting up a zone for those all-important bathroom must-haves. Tuck clean towels away in individual baskets, and situate a shelving unit within easy reach to hold things like linens, toiletries, and soap sponges piled inside more wicker baskets. Keeping everything together in one spot makes getting ready a stress-free breeze.

Showcase Mixed Surfaces

Bathrooms offer a great excuse to get creative with pattern mixing. This typically small space practically begs for a range of styles to give it pizzazz and personality, so think about incorporating lots of different surface materials. To calm the collection, keep everything within the same color family, as is the case with this bathroom's white subway tile, light wood flooring, and sandy-tone pebbles in the shower.

Plant a Floral Theme

Because bathrooms tend to be on the smaller side, an overarching theme is best left out of the equation in lieu of a subtle color palette and range of coordinated textures. The exception to this unofficial rule? Flowers! Try adding fresh (or faux!) flowers to your bathroom countertop or walls in the form of floral art prints. The effect is altogether refreshing and sophisticated.

Create Plenty of Drop Zones

Except for kitchens, bathrooms are perhaps the most highly functional home space. With all the hustle and bustle, it's important to create as many drop zones as you can to foster daily tidiness and organization. Anything from wall hooks and ceramic side tables to canvas baskets under the sink will encourage stress-free order in your master bathroom.

Put a Bench in the Bath

If you suffer from an overflowing shower caddy, try this trick. Take a note from luxury spas and hotels by situating a water-resistant bench in your walk-in shower. The tabletop surface allows extra space to corral things like soap and shampoo, plus it looks stylish.

Upholstered Seating Isn't Off-Limits

Think upholstered seating is a no-no in the bathroom? Think again! If your bathroom sports extra square footage, a pretty tufted side chair or settee is more than okay to arrange near your tub or shower enclosure. Just make sure that it's upholstered in an indoor-outdoor fabric that can withstand a little heat and steam.

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July 2, 2018
Wish I had room in my bath for a comfy chair! However I have created a "spa" bathroom experience with white waffle weave towels, which I love. I bought Gilden Tree towels on Amazon and love them! You could also go to and look for waffle weave towels.