A 72-Square-Foot Bathroom Gets a Fresh Look

Even a small bath needs style and function. See how this 72-square-foot bathroom gets a fresh makeover and added storage.

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    Before: Tiny and Cramped

    Without moving any fixtures or plumbing, this sad and drab bathroom was transformed into a room the entire family can enjoy. Before, there was no counter space to store bathroom accessories. The look was unorganized and inefficient.

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    After: Surprising Storage Solutions

    Now, with simple tricks and clever planning, this petite bathroom packs a punch. Just 9x8 feet, smart storage seemed like an impossible task. Adding recessed shelves to the left of the vanity keeps bathroom essentials organized and always on hand. The new vanity has two drawers for storage, plus space underneath to house towels.

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    Off-Center is Better

    Installing the bathroom sink off-center allows for more space on the vanity’s concrete countertop to set grooming essentials and hot hair tools. Durable, eco-friendly laminate with a detailed wood-grain pattern keeps the space looking fresh and is easy to clean.

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    Tricking the Eye

    A glass-enclosed shower ensures every corner of the bathroom is full of light. The glass walls also help the tiny bathroom feel larger than the modest footprint.

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    Nifty Niche

    A shower niche provides space to store shower accessories at eye level. Glass tiles offset the niche from the rest of the shower and help connect it to the rest of the room.

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    Tub Transformation

    With limited space, the bathtub was almost taken out, but stayed since it is the only tub in the house. The bathtub got a facelift with glass tile-work, a new faucet, and a storage niche. Glass plates above the tub create a unique display that gives the bathroom a more refined look.

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    Bonus: Favorite Paint Colors

    Don't miss this roundup of our favorite paint colors to refresh your bathroom.

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