A Small Bath Gets a Modern Makeover

A new floor plan and well-chosen details bring storage and good looks to a small bathroom.

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    Float On

    Mounting a floating vanity to the wall below the window contributed to the bathroom's more sensible floor plan. Modern-looking cylindrical pendants and a round mirror hanging from the ceiling contribute to the airy effect created by the floating vanity.

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    Fabulous Fixtures

    Shimmering chrome fixtures reflect light streaming in from the window, which helps the modest-size bathroom feel larger. The wide window ledge houses everyday essentials.

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    Small round tiles, repeating the circular motif started by the mirror, form a border around larger tiles in the center of the room. The circular tiles are used again as as decorative elements in the shower surround.

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    How to Clean Grout

    Learn how to keep your grout looking new with natural and store-bought solutions.

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    Sleek Storage

    A tall cabinet above the toilet provides additional storage and keeps necessary items well within reach of the vanity. When it's closed, the mirrored surface reflects the room, making the small space feel larger.

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    Space-Saving Moves

    A sliding shower door is a practical and pretty solution to control shower spray from the combination tub and shower. The glass doors also allow the eye to see from one end of the room to the other, which prevents the small bathroom from feeling cramped.

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    Showered in Style

    The circular floor tiles make their way into the shower as a decorative border around the perimeter of the shower surround. The green tiles echo the paint color used on the walls, while the other colors provide contrast.

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