Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Spacious Master Bath

Characterized by sleek surfaces, simple fixtures, and minimalist decor, modern bathrooms effortlessly deliver casual, contemporary style. Explore our favorite modern bathroom designs to learn how to incorporate the style into your space.

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Embrace White Space


For a contemporary bath with a sophisticated style, opt for materials and fixtures that emphasize form rather than color. Each of these modern design elements, including the flare of the tub and sink, the wall-mount vanity, and the ornate glass chandelier, make a bold statement without the use of color.

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Design Symmetrically


For a classic modern style, finish your space with an eye on symmetry, which creates soothing visual order. This modern bathroom incorporates many materials, including glass tile, slate, and wood, but the look is cohesive and upscale thanks to mirrored built-in shelves and an overall uniformity.

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Accessorize Boldly


For a clean, modern bathroom design, keep fixtures and finishes minimal. However, the room doesn't have to be void of ornamentation or personality. Hang a graphic pendant light fixture above a freestanding egg-shaped tub for a look that wows.

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Style for Size


Modern bathroom design isn't limited to a space with lots of square feet. A streamlined vanity with matching vessel sinks leaves plenty of storage space below for rustic straw baskets. A classic black-and-white palette, employed in horizontal color blocking for a twist, lengthens this small but stylish bath.

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Top Bathroom Paint Colors

Try a new hue in your modern bathroom with our favorite paint color ideas.

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Emphasize Geometry

Deep Red

Skip the ornamentation and think linearly when employing modern design. A punch of bright red color keeps this all-white space from feeling stark. The red glass tile wall energizes the neutral bathroom while continuing the clean geometric lines found throughout.

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Go Graphic


Neutral colors like white, gray, and black can create a dynamic room design when used boldly. Dark gray marble countertops, glossy laminate cabinetry, and a striking glass tile backsplash in multiple shades of gray help define this luxurious vanity area while adding visual pop.

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Choose Unlikely Materials


A floor-to-ceiling pebble wall is naturally waterproof and smooth to the touch, and it creates a textural spa effect. Keep the wall simple and devoid of extra design elements to allow the eyes to rest and emphasize the simplicity of an unadorned freestanding bathtub.

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Go Outdoors

Blue-Green bathroom

An evergreen view inspired the soothing scheme featured in this modern bathroom. Much like the colors found in nature, the muted green hues inspire tranquility. Hanging pendants contribute subtle luster and interest to the sleek space.

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Etched Impressions


Many modern bathroom designs include walls of sparkling glass. If you shy away from complete visibility, try etched glass to add opacity to doors and windows. The tinted material allows for a more discreet view and lets in just enough light to keep a small bath bright.

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Play with Pattern

modern bathroom

Employ a mix of patterns and shapes for visual interest in an otherwise monochromatic modern bath. Small-scale glass tiles provide a shimmering backdrop for this freestanding bathtub. The black-and-white motif continues in the room's geometric window treatments, which add interest to the dark wall.

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Consider Comfort


It's easy to get caught up in the application of glass and tile so often associated with modern bathrooms. Adding curtain panels and a plush bench cushion provides the softness a modern bath needs to absorb sound and ease hard edges.

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Think Outside the Box

bath with blue vertical wall subway tiles

Sometimes a little fresh thinking is all it takes to make a space unique. This powder blue bath appears more modern thanks to subway tiles that are installed vertically rather than in a traditional horizontal pattern. The distinctive look helps draw the eye up to enhance the volume of the room and contrasts with the natural pattern of stone flooring.

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Stay in Line

Bathroom Vanity

A linear approach to installation and details adds refinement to modern bathrooms. The black tile detail featured between this contemporary counter and mirror continues into the water closet to unify both spaces. Marble tiles on the walls add subtle visual texture and richness. Bonus: A marble wall application is a great way to get an upscale look without any worries about stains.

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Rustic Revamp

Spacious Master Bath

Update any design style by finding contemporary bathroom products with references to the past. This bathroom—with its silver soaking tub, pickled floor, and marble trough sink—is a chic answer to those who desire an updated take on country design.

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