Contemporary Bathroom Ideas

Get inspiration and ideas for designing or remodeling a bathroom with contemporary style. Discover beautiful modern vanity, tile ideas to try, and the best paint colors to create a modern and spa-like bathroom.

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    Industrial Touch

    Clean, white geometric vessel sinks contrast the concrete countertops in this bathroom. The result is a room that feels modern yet industrial with a bit of warmth from the wood-framed mirrors.

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    Just an Illusion

    Clean lines and a monochromatic color palette create a soothing yet stylish bathroom. Ceramic tiles give the illusion of vein-cut travertine and add high visual impact to the space.

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    Firm Focal Point

    A dark, geometric vanity becomes the main focal point in this simple bathroom. The vanity’s unique design gives the piece a sculptural quality that is truly unique.

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    Saving Space

    In this small bathroom, gray, horizontal tiles work to add subtle visual interest and make the space feel larger. Floating the toilet and vanity also helped to free up visual space. White accessories and espresso-colored wood helps this bathroom feel like an upscale spa.

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    Clean and Contemporary

    Features like a glass-enclosed shower, sleek built-in tub, and floating vanity help make this bathroom a clean and contemporary space. A simple color palette of beige, white, and black also helps keep the room from being too busy.

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    Modern Drama

    Dark stone tiles contrast clean, white porcelain sinks and a freestanding bathtub in its own separate space. Straight lines from the stone tiles and walls pair nicely with rounded sink basins and the curved tub. 

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    Wall of Tiles

    A wall of linear mosaic tiles creates the effect of wallpaper from a distance. A dark wood vanity with a floating counter and open shelving gives the space a one-of-a-kind look. A rectangular vessel sink sits on top of the vanity for a modern touch. 

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    Totally Teak

    The teak tub and pair of sinks warm up this distinctly minimal room. Cream-colored limestone on the floor and walls keeps a serene effect in full force in the bathroom.

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    Keep It Current

    Carrara marble tiles dress up the vanity wall as well as the inside of the glass-enclosed shower. A cool gray paint color was inspired by the mix of tile and helps the white accessories stand out. Features such as a vessel sink, simple soaking tub, and floating vanity help this marble bathroom have a modern air.

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    Designer Tips: Get a Luxe Bathroom

    Get tips and tricks from designers on creating a luxurious bathroom, no matter the square footage.

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    Cheery Cherrywood

    This cherrywood vanity was the inspiration for a contemporary bathroom renovation. The addition of large, beige tiles leaves the bathroom feeling clean. Cherry cabinetry and paneling helps to separate the bathroom and add dimension.

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    Stone Stand-Out

    Stone mosaic tile on one wall of the shower is the stand-out feature in this itty-bitty bathroom. The grain of the bamboo vanity goes with veining in the large gray tiles on the remaining walls.  The same gray stone is used on the floor but laid in an intricate herringbone pattern.

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    Tailored Appearance

    Terrazzo floor tiles combine with dark gray glass tiles in this shower to form a tailored and modern look. Riftsawn oak with a dark stain covers the floating vanity which is the perfect way to add more floor space in a small bathroom.

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    Make It Marble

    An intricate floor made up of small, marble tiles creates a mosaic that makes this bathroom unique. The marble continues on the walls where veining adds color and movement. A sleek and simple vanity uses open-shelf storage to store towels.

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    Spa Simulation

    This enlarged shower makes the bathroom feel spa-like. Glittering iridescent tiles give the shower life, and a glass wall and door ensure the room still feels spacious. A tall built-in armoire provides tons of storage and has a modern look.

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    Chic Retreat

    Dark, espresso-colored wood gives this bathroom a chic and luxurious feel, while neutral walls and countertops keep the look clean and bright. The use of glass for the shower walls and door helps to make the space feel larger and open.

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    Calming Colors

    Teak wood, limestone, and green glass tiles come together to form a bathroom that is a relaxing place to retreat after a long day. The sharp lines of the room lend a contemporary feel to the space that utilizes simplicity. A whirlpool with a cascading waterfall spout is a main feature that gets noticed.

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    Maritime Inspiration

    Paneled teak walls echo the feel of a boat that inspired this bathroom design. Caged sconces on either side of the sink enhance the maritime feel and add a much needed dose of light. The table-style vanity is a custom creation and has a stone-composite top that pairs beautifully with shiny chrome legs.

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    Tile Time

    Polished marble countertops have a dramatic impact against white cabinetry. Tiny mosaic tiles of different colors and size cover the walls, while on the floor, hexagon tiles create another interesting pattern. The use of white helps to break up the space and give the eye a break from all of the tile work.

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    Sophisticated Sensation

    Heavily veined marble floors give this bathroom a sophisticated and chic look, especially when paired with espresso-colored wood. Blue glass tiles adorn the walls in a vertical pattern that feels fresh and edgy. Clean lines from the bathtub and vessel sinks give the space a sense of simplicity and ease.

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    Vague Variation

    A variation of stone makes this bathroom feel relaxed yet not bland. Dark stone with horizontal veining covers the vanity wall, while lighter stone highlights the tub wall. A teak vanity is paired with a sculptural vessel sink that adds curves to this mainly geometric space.

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    Perfectly Grounded

    A spacious walk-in shower divides two matching vanities and creates a sense of flow in this bathroom. Various neutral tiles cover the back wall of the shower, while marble helps to enclose the piece. Dark wood helps to ground the otherwise airy space.

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