This Affordable Upgrade Will Make Your Bathroom So Much Cozier for Winter

It can be the coldest room in the house, but not anymore. 

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Lasko Electric Bathroom Heater
Photo: Courtesy of Walmart

Whether you're working with electric heaters, steam radiators, or a furnace, it takes time to figure out just the right formula to heat your home in the winter. Keeping things warm, but not too warm, is a delicate dance, one that can sometimes take multiple years to master. And just when you think you've got it all figured out, you might realize that there's one pesky room that never seems to be quite as temperature controlled as the rest: the bathroom.

There is one affordable upgrade you can make to your bathroom to equip yourself for winter: an electric space heater. It might sound like a recipe for disaster, as water and electrical devices don't typically mesh, but there are certain models with safety features that make them perfect for use in the bathroom. Walmart has hundreds of electric space heaters to choose from, but one great option in the "safe for bathroom" category is the Lasko Bathroom Space Heater. The space heater is available at Walmart for just $38 (not to mention free shipping) and will heat up your bathroom in no time.

Lasko Electric Bathroom Heater
Courtesy of Walmart

Buy It: Lasko Bathroom Space Heater ($38, Walmart)

There are a number of reasons why your bathroom might stay colder than the rest of your home. For starters, bathrooms typically have tile floors and zero carpeting. Additionally, there are far more points of entry for cold air in bathrooms, including exhaust vents, drains, doors, and windows you might keep open to evaporate any extra humidity. Finally, there's the matter of what we do in the bathroom: Simply put, a bathroom is a place where you often have your clothes off, which means you're susceptible to cooler temperatures in a way you aren't in other areas of the house.

The Lasko heater has a ceramic heating element, a safety plug, a timer, and automatic overheat protection. It has three settings. One runs for an hour and automatically shuts off at the end of its cycle. You can also set it on "high" or "low" to run indefinitely. The exterior of the heater remains cool to the touch. The heat is pushed from the machine via a fan, and it delivers warmth to spaces up to 225 square feet. It's compact, easy to use, and won't take up a huge amount of floor space, either.

Five-star Walmart reviewers say the heater has no downsides, and love it for its size, powerful motor, and how quickly it heats up their draftiest spaces. Shop the Lasko Bathroom Space Heater at Walmart and never let that pesky bathroom chill send shivers down your spine again.

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