Must-See Luxury Bathrooms

Sophisticated materials, wow-worthy amenities and an attention to detail launch these bathrooms into luxurious territory. Take a peek inside the spaces, bask in their beautiful designs, and steal big and small luxury bathroom ideas for your own home.

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    Sleek Style

    Luxury bathrooms can't just look pretty. They have to be practical, too. This generous space features lifestyle-approved features, such as bountiful sink space, a spacious walk-in shower, and easy-to-clean laminate finishes. A simple gray color scheme unites the look.  

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    Elegant Soak

    Luxury bathroom showers are important, but so are soaking tubs. Though they may be used less frequently than a shower, tubs add elegance and drama. This shapely freestanding tub steals the scene against a tiled wall. A glass-globe chandelier complements the modern feel of the room. 

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    Double Duty

    Two showerheads are better than one. The double duty design makes it easy for multiple family members to get ready at once, without sacrificing individual space. A recessed wall shelf keeps toiletries and other necessities within reach. 

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    Wash Up

    With three kids, the homeowner's needed plenty of space for brushing teeth and washing up. These luxury bathroom sinks are perfect for the job. They're long, wide, and easy to clean. An above-the-counter mount helps them stand out against the countertop. 

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    Low Country Appeal

    An affinity for the past and an eye for authenticity inspired this luxury bathroom layout, which was designed to evoke the look of a Low Country plantation dating back 150 years. The tub alcove has a striking domed ceiling with a finish that resembles old plaster. Windows on the bathroom's three exterior walls afford abundant natural light and stunning views of the river surrounding the island on which the home is situated. Tucked into an alcove with a domed ceiling, the built-in bathtub offers the best views. 

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    Historic Roots

    The walls of the alcove, and the rest of the bathroom, are clad in beaded board painted warm gray. The materials are appropriate for a plantation home. The home designer considered historical precedent when designing the space, and chose to custom cut the bead board to match with the styles of the era. 

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    Handsome Vanity

    A protrusion formed by the chimney for the master bedroom fireplace provides an ideal separation between the two sink areas, which are connected by a convenient makeup counter. The dark-stained antique heart pine floors also lend authenticity to the space. Longleaf pine trees thrived in the Low Country in the 1800s, and they were used for everything from framing houses to flooring. But over the years, the region’s longleaf pines were almost entirely cut down. Today, antique reclaimed heart pine is highly sought.

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    Pamper and Prep

    The luxury bathroom vanities in this space reflect the designer's keen attention to detail. Above each sink is a fixed mirror flanked by two mirrors that open to reveal medicine cabinets. When opened, the side mirrors allow the homeowners to see themselves from multiple angles.

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    Ethereal Aura

    An expanse of mirrors along the vanity wall reflects the natural light flooding in through the windows, enhancing both the vanity and the walk-in shower. Luxury bathroom accessories, such as bouquets of fresh flowers, emphasize the beauty of the room. 

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    Shower Style

    Luxury bathroom showers ought to be spacious and elegant—and this bathing space is no exception. Floor-to-ceiling marble tile in a variety of sizes and applications is a luxurious addition to the walk-in shower. A curved bench adds comfort and a pleasing counterpoint to the many straight lines. 

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    Beautiful Necessities

    Clad in marble, niches in the shower blend in with the walls to provide almost-stealth storage. Bath products dressed in the same color palette keep day-to-day necessities from looking unsightly. 

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    Streamlined Elegance

    Dark wood, light stone, square edges, round arches—together, they add up to one simply elegant bath. The goal was for the bathroom to be warm and homey. That meant honoring the large, airy space with an inspired amalgam of deep, dark walnut cabinets, milky white walls, and creamy limestone accents to cement its high-contrast yet natural aesthetic. A stained cathedral ceiling and a trio of arched openings punctuate the bathroom's rich architectural detailing. The sliding door opens to a screen porch

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    Bathed in Luxury

    Luxury bathroom accessories, such as a waterfall spout, truly make this space unique. It was a bit of an engineering difficulty for the designer, but the end result is well worth it. Fresh flowers are the perfect contrast to a neutral, tiled wall. 

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    Sleek Ambiance

    Luxury bathroom tiles are warmed with radiant heat to cozy up the room on even the coldest days. The two-way gas fireplace adds romance to the adjacent bedroom, too. Devoid of extraneous detail, the room’s repetitive, rectilinear shapes—from its custom-made vanities and squared sinks to its flattened plumbing fixtures and sleek mirrors—emphasize its serene sensibility.

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    Warm Welcome

    Walnut storage cabinets include open shelves for display and repeats the ceiling treatment, which was integral to making the space inviting. The ceiling both warms and dramatizes the room. All the wood makes the space intimate, rather than overwhelming or intimidating. 

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    Discrete Necessities

    The toilet and shower are secreted from view. The private water closet tucks behind a door; the easy-access, walk-in shower—practically a room unto itself—is concealed behind a wall. 

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    Stylish Finish

    Barely-there shower fixtures provide maximum water control with minimal visual interruption. Nearby, a recessed niche stows soaps and shampoos. Satin-nickel plumbing fixtures, including the shower controls, don't show fingerprints and are easy to keep clean.

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    Harmonious Balance

    Contemporary and classic, masculine and feminine—serene luxury master bathrooms prove that beauty is in the balance. The generous floor plan is defined by symmetry and stars a freestanding sculptural tub. A cocoonlike oval tub floats in front of a wall defined by vertical ribbons of 5/8x1-inch stone mosaics. A mix of polished and rough finishes lends iridescence and the illusion of trickling water.

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    Style Bridge

    The porcelain and polished-nickel tub filler with cross handles is a traditional counterpoint to the tub’s modern design. The designer wanted to be sensitive to the house's architecture—a mix of transitional and clean—and a traditional tub didn't feel quite right The trade off was a faucet with cross handles to represent the marriage between classic and modern.

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    Warming Trend

    The mahogany vanity stands out with clean lines and gleaming nickel hardware. Six-inch-tall feet and a slight step-out make it look like an elegant piece of furniture slid into existing architecture rather than built in. Double luxury bathroom sinks complete the elegant scene. 

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    In the Details

    The 3-1/2-inch-thick apron of the Carrara marble countertop lends design gravitas to the vanity. A traditional faucet is teamed with more modern lever-style handles.

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    Shower Passageway

    Most luxury bathrooms are blessed with bountiful space, so it's up to the designer to get creative. This 32-inch-wide corridor to the shower, for example, is bathed in light from a pair of tall casement windows. 

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    Sophisticated Shower

    The back-and-forth tension between traditional and contemporary comes into play in the shower, too, where traditional subway tiles were ramped up in length. A floating bench adds convenience and a layer of luxury.

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    Spa Amenities

    The steam shower has an 8-inch rain showerhead and a sliding rail with hand shower. Sixteen-inch-long subway tiles alternate between 3- and 4-inch widths to create interest in the shower. Built-in niches offer sophisticated storage.

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