Bath Makeover Tour: Bath Suite with Old-Hollywood Glamour

A spacious Bevery Hills master bath has its layout tweaked and its style transformed to create a quietly luxurious retreat with hints of glamour.

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    Luxurious Bathroom Remodel

    A backsplash of lustrous glass tiles beneath an arched opening elevates the vanity wall of this master bath to focal-point status. Interior designer Brooke Gardner transformed the old bath's gaudy, faux-glamorous look into one of serene luxury. The vanity incorporates a makeup area at sit-down height, as well as twin mirrors and glass-front display cabinets.

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    BEFORE: Beverly Hills Hideous

    The problem with the old bath wasn't the layout, which remained essentially unchanged. The problem was the decor. Mirrored walls and pink cabinetry in the vanity area horrified the homeowners and didn't fit with the character of their 1920 home in Beverly Hills.

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    Savvy Pullout Storage

    The vanity contains clever pullout storage to house bottles and toiletries in an easy-to-reach manner.

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    Vintage Fixtures

    Ostentatious gold-finish hardware gave way to the more sophisticated elegance of vintage-look nickel. The white marble around the sink is repeated in the shower and on the window ledge. "I wanted to keep the materials the same throughout the bath to get a soothing feel," the designer says.

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    Claw-Foot Bathtub

    The freestanding claw-foot tub is a bath feature that the homeowner had wanted for years. The tub's vintage charm is complemented by the modern pampering of a heated towel rack. While a mirrored credenza evokes the glamour of old Hollywood, the built-in TV caters to today's entertainment expectations.

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    BEFORE: Tacky Pink Tub Area

    Though the old tub occupied about the same position in the bath, it was a built-in model surrounded by pink tile. White upper walls appeared stark against the pink, the gold hardware seemed tacky, and the wall-mount TV looked like an afterthought.

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    White Marble Shower

    The designer wanted the shower to take advantage of light from the bath's big bay window and have the appearance of a frameless walk-in enclosure. Clear-glass partitions keep in heat and steam without spoiling the open feeling. The shower walls and base are white marble like the perimeter floor tiles.

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    Marble Tile Floor

    The mirrored vanity stool echoes the credenza by the tub and reflects a tile "rug" composed of basketweave tiles and a green border that complements the cool celadon walls and vanity backsplash.

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    Crystal Light Fixture

    The luxurious bath is filled with special details such as this stunning crystal light fixture.

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    BEFORE: Bathroom Floor Plan

    The old layout of the 15x12-foot bath included a built-in tub, a bidet, and no makeup area.

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    AFTER: Bathroom Renovation

    The remodeling project gutted the 15x12-foot bath but retained most of the existing layout. A credenza replaced the bidet, and a claw-foot tub took the place of the built-in model. The vanity wall was tweaked to include a sit-down makeup area.

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