Beach Bathroom Decor

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Take your cue from seashore vistas -- employ beach bathroom decor to create a relaxing lavatory that flows with calming cadences, breezy design elements, and chic maritime motifs.

Shine Bright

Shop for accessories, textiles, surfaces, and storage components that exude fresh beach style. Modeled after ship lanterns, these chrome candleholders hung with natural rope shine especially bright against crisp white walls. Towel cubbies with an X motif continue the nautical theme.

Aquatic Shimmer

There's no better way to achieve a beach bathroom design than with glass tiles in watery hues. Available as tiny mosaics, subway shapes, and bubble-like circles, the tiles will set your bathroom sparkling. Pair them with like-color matte stone or ceramic floor tiles that provide subtle contrast and safe footing in showers.

Seaside Spirit

Sea-glass decor and crisp furnishings that evoke white-capped waves establish waterfront spirit in this beach bathroom. Wire baskets with crisp white towels reference local swimming-hole lockers, while a pair of seaworthy lantern pendants set aqua tiles sparkling.

Shipshape Storage

Use waterproof wood accessories, such as teak ladders, shower benches, and floor mats, to bring boat-decking dimension to your bathroom. Resting against a subway-tile wall, this ladder supplies a handsome sink-side perch for washing-up necessities. The hand towels contribute conventional water colors in more modern tones.

Serene Setting

Muted natural colors make for soothing, spa-like beach bathrooms. Grayish-green walls set a tranquil backdrop for a blend of stone and glass mosaic tiles that give way to larger sand-hue squares. The glass tiles reappear as a tub surround that appears to ripple with light. Shiny sea-lettuce artwork provides a quiet focal point.

Mix and match tile to create a beautiful shower that won't bust your budget.

Simple Shower Tile Ideas

Create a beach-inspired bathroom with shower tile ideas that won't bust your budget.

Lakefront Inspiration

White beaded board, extending 6 feet up the walls, creates cottage charm in this lakefront bathroom. Bright sea-inspired blue walls dressed up with sky blue stripes surround the wall treatment. A narrow ledge acts as display space for ocean- and beach-theme mementos, such as starfish.

Seaworthy Accents

Relatively easy to install, beaded-board panels provide a fetching foundation for beach-style bathrooms. Cap the wainscoting with flat trim pieces that provide a Craftsman finish and allow room for nautical, anchor-like towel hooks.

Changing Course

The best beach bathrooms employ palettes with just a few laid-back hues. Start your design with sandy perimeters to showcase sea-inspired shades. This bathroom incorporates olive green and sea blue as glass mosaic tub tiles and abstract artwork. Aquamarine vases and a turquoise sailing ship supply style-apt shimmer. 

Sail Away

Include high-contrast navy blue and white pairings for a room with clear nautical style. Complete the look with additional oceanic references, including sandy beige walls, rustic woven baskets, and beach-combed treasures such as seashells, coral, and driftwood.

Natural Nuances

Employ a range of organic finishes to firmly link your bathroom to rugged coastal settings. Opt for honed stone floors and countertops, textural linen window fabrics, weathered wood finishes, and brushed-nickel hardware. Bring furnished-room appeal to the bathroom by displaying framed seascapes or ocean-related renderings.

Beach-Combed Medley

Memories of exploring tide pools, watching rolling-in waves, and gathering shells are sure to inspire personalized beach bathroom designs. Rocky shores strewn with driftwood gave birth to this cool design, which includes weathered floor boards and grouted-stone shower walls. The rough patinas pair beautifully with the bathroom's sleek bathtub, contemporary faucets, and modern tile treatments.

Lighthouse Look

Neutral hues, textural treatments, and personalized accessories create this bright and airy lair. Galvanized-steel fixtures and gray walls draw the eyes up to expand the space, while white-painted shiplap siding moors the bath in cottage style. The boards also allow a rich blue vanity to take center stage.

Duotone Delight

Soft sea green and crisp white make peaceful partners in this beach bathroom. The vintage-style tub and faucets, beaded-board walls, and tiled floor add cottage appeal to the room. Turquoise accents, white towels, and natural sponges continue the relaxing scheme.

Beach House Beauty

Place traditional stained cabinets against walls clad in driftwood-hue boards to unite old and new. Enhance the collected look by hanging mirrors in weathered frames and installing vintage light fixtures and faucets. Introduce classic elements, such as polished marble counters, to boost the bath's charisma.

Making Waves

Create a splash in your bathroom by installing a feature wall that encapsulates watery hues and introduces a sense of movement. This shower wall prompted the bathroom's color palette but stands out thanks to its sizeable presence and neighboring white-tile walls. Tile hues repeat as the wall color, bath linens, and artwork for a cohesive look.

Driftwood Design

A driftwood mirror frame and oversize woven baskets immediately catch the eye in this nontraditional beach bathroom. Slate tiles, gray walls, and vertically set shower tiles allow the room's focal-point pieces to shine. Oversize sconces evoke boardwalk-style lighting.

Architecturally Apt

Profiles from the past, including tongue-and-groove wainscoting, crosshatch cabinet doors, and basket-weave floor tiles, contribute big-time cottage character to this tiny bath. Blue accents, sea-critter figurines, and a woven basket play up the classic beach-house style.

True Blue Hues

Visions of azure skies dotted with fluffy white clouds, tumbling aquamarine waves, and sandy shorelines drive this beach design. The fresh color scheme gives a buoyant lift to tarnished-silver accessories, a distressed mirror and picture frames, and an antiqued vanity.

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