Blue-and-White Cottage Bathroom Ideas

View classic blue-and-white cottage baths with lots of style and function.

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    Open and Airy

    Blending Materials

    The blend of materials -- glass, porcelain, painted wood, and marble -- gives this bathroom a feeling of casual elegance. Pale blue walls are matched with white, wide-panel wainscoting, creating an airy seaside vibe. A frameless shower with glass doors and porcelain tiles also contributes to the open, airy look.

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    Open and Airy

    Marble Tile Mosaic

    A basket-weave patterned floor uses different shades of blue and white to add a bold design to the simple space. The tiles in the mosaic, made from marble quarried in Greece, add a contemporary twist to the space and are the room’s colorful focal point.

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    Open and Airy

    Sleek Sink

    Sleek lines and lever handles on this gooseneck lavatory faucet give the bathroom a modern edge. The lustrous metal finish reflects the marble-topped single vanity and adds an industrial look to counter the vanity's cottage charm. Simple additions, like a vase of blue-and-white flowers, add to the room's casual, yet chic look.

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    Spacious Setup

    Beautiful Bathtub

    This spacious master bath is complete with a large tub, comfortable seating, and lots of storage. With a smoky blue limestone deck and perpendicular position, the bathtub takes center stage. This placement between the windows creates a perfect layout for storage and two bench seats. French doors allow natural light to flood in, giving the room an even lighter feel.

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    Spacious Setup

    Sophisticated Grooming Space

    A double vanity lines the wall on the grooming side of the bathroom. Two sinks are separated by drawers, with a wall-length mirror lining the wall above. The focus on storage continues on this side of the room with two stacks of drawers and baskets holding towels and other bathroom linens. Various materials create the vanity's sophisticated look, such as the limestone countertop, porcelain sink, and polished-nickel fixtures.  

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    Spacious Setup

    Room for Privacy

    The toilet compartment is tucked around the corner from the grooming and bathing area, for an extra sense of privacy. A floating shelf extends along the wall, with drawers deep enough to hold bathroom essentials, such as toilet paper. Polished-nickel pendant lights hang from the ceiling adding extra lighting and style.

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    Spacious Setup

    Multifeature Shower

    A glass steam shower fills one corner of the bathroom. Built-in benches and a two-shelf niche cut into the limestone-lined wall make the shower setup convenient and relaxing. The shower connects to the rest of the bath with a similar floor tile treatment.

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    Stylish Function

    All in the Details

    This spa-like bathroom uses gorgeous molding and partial walls to section off the space and give it a refreshing, clutter-free look. Innovative storage options, such as the angled shelves and the desklike vanity, are functional, yet eye-catching. Style elements, such as beaded board, arched mirrors, curved brackets and trim, and open shelving offer a softer aesthetic compared to the rest of the room's hard surfaces.

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    Stylish Function

    Convenient Storage

    Storage is a key component to this bathroom. Various cabinets, shelves, and drawers throughout the room ensure everything has a place. Appliance garages with bifold doors hold small electronics and grooming products in a convenient, yet discrete spot. Banks of drawers underneath the sinks are close to the vanity for easy access. Jeweled knobs on the cabinet doors and drawers add a look of elegance.

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    Stylish Function

    Serene Bathing Space

    A sculptural soaking tub gives the bathroom a spa-like feel. The freestanding tub is surrounded by a narrow ledge that repeats the marble from the vanity. The candle-lined ledge separates the beaded board wainscoting and pale blue wall, which combine to create a sense of calm and serenity in the space. Natural lighting from the window above adds to the comfort of the area.

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