In both vintage and modern styles, brass has been given new life and a new look in the bathroom. On its own or paired with other similar finishes, the warm hue of beautiful brass will complement the bath and make a bold statement.

By Jenna Burger
August 20, 2018
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Whether new or aged, brass is once again making its presence known in the bathroom. Different from being paired with peach, pink, and glossy black tile from the '70s, brass is now being paired with other elements in a more modern, up-to-date way. Emily Clark made the existing brass faucet work in her powder room by bringing in other brass items such as the vintage brass bamboo mirror and a coordinating towel hook. The vintage aged-brass pieces are set atop a black backdrop on the walls to evoke an overall dramatic, bold aesthetic.

Image by Caroline Lima

Vintage-Style Brass


The beauty of brass is how it's paired with other elements in the space to make it conjure the style of vintage or modern. For this light and airy bathroom, an ornate brass mirror that evokes a sense of history, stands proud against a clean, white backdrop and above a white, minimal pedestal sink. The chandelier hung from the ceiling is equally intricate and balances the bold brass mirror. Both work well together while the other elements in the bathroom are simpler and understated.

Modern Brass

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Whether it's vintage or modern, brass in the bathroom can truly set the space apart from all others and make a statement. In this modern bathroom created by With Heart, a minimalist aesthetic was achieved by pairing brass fittings and cabinet hardware with Carrara marble on the walls and floors. A dual dark walnut cabinet houses the sink with a vanity space in the center. Introducing the brass into this bathroom setting brings warmth and a vintage look to this overall modern setting.


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