Bathroom Design Ideas: Add Seating

When space allows, introduce a stool, bench, or small chair to the bathroom to soften a room full of hard edges.

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    Touches of Silver

    When a towel hook isn’t enough, set a stool outside the shower door -- it’s the perfect place to rest a change of clothes or other toiletries. The shiny metal legs on this stool take a cue from the door hardware and decorative accents on the sconces.

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    Take a Seat

    Outside a deep soaking tub is the perfect spot for a small bench. Take a seat as you prepare to get into the bathtub or when you dry off.

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    Vanity Statement

    Add a small stool to an open or floating vanity to quickly transform it into a glam makeup station. When the stool is not in use, tuck it underneath to open up floor space.

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    Add-On Seating

    Incorporate a stand-alone stool in your shower stall to add functional seating without construction. Look for stools made from water-tolerant materials, such as teak, plastic, or stainless steel.

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    Tight Quarters

    Even in a bathroom just 5 feet wide, a stool is the perfect addition. No place to store your extra towels? Stack a few on top of a small stool so guests won’t have to hunt for them.

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    Tucked In

    A long bench pushed up against the wall is the perfect complement to a bathtub tucked into an alcove. With wall space occupied by art, windows, and towel hooks, the bench and stool are open to hold bath salts, soaps, or the latest best seller.

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    Better with Age

    The aged wood of this stool fits with the natural-wood vanity and mirror in this rustic-style bathroom. If the stool has a chipped or worn look you love, keep it safe from water and wear by sealing the surface with a coat of low-gloss polyurethane.

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    Stand By

    Set a stool just outside the shower to hold items you want to keep dry and off the floor. In this bathroom, a window takes up space for a towel hook; a small stool solves the problem.

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    Refreshed & Reupholstered

    Get a fresh look in your bathroom by updating an old stool on the cheap: Re-cover the cushion in a fabric that coordinates with your bathroom’s style.

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    Unexpected Accent

    An Asian-inspired stool is an unexpected accent in this classic white and marble bathroom. The dark wood adds a dose of warmth, texture, and visual interest.

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